Avalon invitation



Dearest divine beloveds,


It gives me great pleasure to announce the dates of my next Avalon retreat


The dates are the 3rd to the 5th of April 2020, this means that we will be gathered on the powerful 4:4 portal date.


The retreat will start at at at 1 p.m. on  Friday the 3rd of  April and will finish at 6 p.m. on Sunday the 5th of April please know that I will also be sharing kirtan that night at shekinah ashram which is a huge part of the retreat experience. 


During the retreat we will Delve deeply into the mysteries of self realisation and self actualisation, we will work together to deeply empower our sexuality and align our sexuality with fifth Dimensional galactic codes, we will also visit many of the sacred sites in Avalon and participate in extremely powerful global ceremonies there,  and we will sing, Dance, play and experience powerful life-changing yin-yoga together


Avalon is an extremely powerful portal point and the retreat will take place at shekinah ashram which is truly one of the most holiest places in Glastonbury located at the foot of chalice Hill very close to the whitespring and Glastonbury Tor and many of the sacred sites in Glastonbury.


Shekina ashram is a truly beautiful and exquisite venue to be holding this important galactic work and it gives me my deepest pleasure to invite you personally prior to this being made public to come to be part of this highly auspicious and sacred gathering.


The closest airport to fly to is Bristol Airport but please know that Heathrow Airport is also accessible to fly to and from.


There are a limited number of places available on this Retreat due to the the size of the space, but I am opening up to to 10 residential places,  and 5 non-residential places.. please know there are 40 souls who have requested to be on the prebook list and i will offer places on a 2st come first served basis...


The residential places will include accommodation and food throughout the entirety of the retreat - non-residential places will not include food ( although there is the option everyday to pay separately for shekina ashram food which is 100% vegan gluten-free and organic), and this means that you will have to find your own accommodation in Glastonbury.


Everybody who receives this email has signed up to be on the pre-book list, and therefore you are all being invited before this event is made public, if you know that you are meant to be there I encourage you to align with the abundance to send your deposit as soon as possible to secure your place.


I have just returned home from Mt shaster and I'm feeling so excited about gathering with so Many of you again on the sacred portal point that I am spiritual guardian of which is Glastonbury Tor.


The cost for the residential Retreat is £555 - the cost for the non-residential retreat is £388 


here is the PayPal link to send your deposit of £111 which is non-refundable


(I will also accept  a deposit of £55 so long as you send the remaining £55 in 30 days)


next payment of £111 is due by 1.12.19



next payment of £111 is due by 1.1.20


next payment of £111 is due by 1.02.20


next payment of £111 is due by 1.3.20



Here is the link for paypal