Divine masculine awakening imminent

24. Apr, 2017 Twin Flame Energy report.....When God chooses to bring twin flames together it will happen Dearest beloveds Greetings of the most high. We come forward in this hour of your time with much to share with you dear ones. For the sensitive among you, you will be aware that there has been vast changes occurring in the electromagnetic grid that surrounds Gaia and this is even being measured by your crude 3D instruments. What is known as the Schumann resonance has now spiked at 90 Hz which is unprecedented. Please note that your planet is aligning with the frequency that it was vibrating at before the great fall of Atlantis and this is crucial for you all to know as there is a huge co

The Resurrection of the Divine Masculine

Message for twin flames 16. Apr, 2017 Twin Flame Energy report.....The Resurrection of the Divine Masculine Dearest beloveds, Greetings of the highest celestial light, it is I twin flames Brian and Sheeeela, White wolfs of the higher fourth-dimensional realms, come through in this moment of your time with important information regarding the current twin flame Ascension Gateway that we as a collective consciousness are currently in. There is much to share with you as ever beloveds and we wish for you to know that again we are surrounded by the highest angelic presence of Queen Diana Spencer who is the main ascended Master over seeing this particular ascension gateway. In this soul based offer

A message from Diana Spencer for Twin Flames...4.4 Gateway

2. Apr, 2017 invitation to join 4:4 twin flame transmission 2. Apr, 2017 Twin Flame Energy report..... A message from Diana Spencer for Twin Flames...4.4 Gateway Dear ones, Greeting it is I Queen Diana Spencer come forth today in this highest ascending gateway. I am overjoyed to have this opportunity to communicate with you all in this eternal moment of now. Please know that I come forth via the Zero point field of awakening multidimensionality that is now subsuming so many many of the beloveds to whom this message is directed to. May you all remember the grace of our creator in every moment of your existence, and may you always remember how precious you are to the great force of love from w

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