Twin flame energy report..complete guide to the solstice gateway

Dear ones, We come forward today with an important message to share with you all with regards to the 144.000 illumined wayshowers who have incarnated to assist humanity to fully align and stabalise in 5th dimensional consciousness, also known as paradise consciousness. The 144,000 were the first and original soul group that sprang forth from the original Void, and from that fractural patterning, it is understood that all souls were created. This original source group are old, ancient souls, original, all powerful, highly gifted, highly guided, highly blessed, and in Service at all times. Many times it has been asked? Can one of the 144,000 forget this? and the answer beloveds is Yes. Unfortu

Twin flame energy report : tide has turned for divine masculine

Dear Ones, Greetings of the Most High. We come forth in this moment, on wings of a sublime light, a geometric pattern that has intensified in magnetic potency, the knowing that the highest time-lines are in activation for the original 144,000 Bird Tribe way showers. Many, many forces of the highest angelic assistance are pouring into 3D reality matrix of the collective consciousness, and are most pertinantly effecting the divine Masculine en-masse. An SOS of some nature was put out by the Collective, which has activated and empowered a time-line of Divine Intervention, and much of this is being played out in the karmic partnerships the Divine Masculines are experiencing currently. We are sp

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