Twin flame Energy report..Important information about the Solstice gateway

Dear ones, Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time, with important news regarding the upcoming solstice portal gateway. As we stated in our last written transmission Gaia has now successfully jumped timelines and has now anchored onto the new earth paradigm timeline. As a result of this timeline jump and due in part to this timeline jump, the Earth is now set to be bombarded with a new level of gamma ray infusion. We wish to inform you that the gamma rays that are predestined to pour into the Earth at the Time of the solstice are carrying a mutated, upgraded and transformed geometric light patterning and are therefore configured differently to the previous

Twin flame energy report..Reasons why so many twins are coming together at the moment

Dear ones. Greetings of the most high. We come forth in this moment with a message from us Brian and Sheeeela white wolf twin flames on the 4d planes and beyond. We wish to inform you that so much healing and awakened consciousness frequencies have been activated by you the many beloveds who have found their way to these sacred written transmissions, and it is from this empty silence, at the core of all being that we send forth our song to you, of remembrance and recognition. We come forth to remind you that you, the ones receiving these words are the highest ascended angelic beings in creation, The ones who have remembered the holy self……….remember all is holy.. thyself is the purist ocea

Twin Flame energy report....Why the solstice gateway is so important for twin flames

Dear ones, We come forward today with extremely important news from the higher dimensional realms. The cosmically astute among you will have noticed that the new earth template has fully anchored on the earthly plane, and this is primarily due to the unending devotion of the vast network of light beings who have been working diligently with the highest architects of light and creation to fully and completely anchor this template. The completion of the old template of Rigid control was birthed on the 24th May 2017, the day that marked a significant end of a cycle in the Mayan calendar, and a date which will be known as the day that represents the birthing of the new Earth paradigm. We from th

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