Twin Flame energy Report...Post eclipse message new beginnings for all

Dear ones, Greetings of the most high. We come forward now on this evening of your time with a sacred post eclipse message from beyond the Rapidly diminishing Veil, which is now in the process of being obliterated entirely, due to the 5D / 3D timeline interface that occurred 1 week before the eclipse. This timeline shift along with the deep and powerful potency of the eclipse is catalysing deep and significant shifts for many of you whom we are reading these words now. Dear ones, all of you on the front line of this spiritual Ascension are being tested like never before and this is largely due to the triggering of the final residues of the shadow egoic ancestral self which needs to be met,

Twin Flame Energy Report...8.8.8 Lions gate ascension portal for twin flames

Dearest beloveds, Greetings of the most high. This is the last energy report we will be sharing till the Lionsgate and it is imperative we bring forth information for all of you who are reading these words that will give you a thorough perspective on what is currently occurring energetically on your planet and the most efficient way you can navigate these intense frequency adjustment gateways. As we have stated many times, there are huge shifts taking place on Gaia in this year of 2017 which numerologically is a one year. One years symbolise new beginnings and endings of old cycles and this is exactly what is occurring in this year of 2017. Dearest ones we would like to take a moment to ackn

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