Twin Soul Energy Report.. 6.6 portal Many Karmic agreements finalising now

Dearest beloveds, Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this eternal moment of your time with an important message regarding the current energetics that are subsuming Gaia. The Earth and all her inhabitants are rapidly colliding with the summer solstice portal of 2018 with the 6:6 portal in the middle. This portal is set to activate the largest galactic dispensation of gamma ray particles that the Earth plane has ever witnessed. This bombardement of photonic light particles is set to perpetually increase in intensity until the time of the great rapture which is aligning in this great year of 2018. If all on this twin soul Ascension Path remember that “I am whole and complete” “I


Dearest beloveds Greetings of the most high. We come forth in this eternal moment of your time with an important message for the collective Consciousness. Great great shifts have taken place on the higher dimensional realms with regards to the 3D/5D personal and collective timeline merge that has been entirely overseen by the vast number of pleiadian light ships that are currently surrounding the Earth. Everything is currently in alignment with the highest possible Christed timeline beloveds, and that is largely due to the healing and cohesion that has been witnessed and is taking place in “The event is happening” Facebook group. Dear ones, the vibrational grid that has fully stabilized in t

Twin Soul energy Report.. Uranus Transit Ushering in En masse REUNIONS

Dearest beloveds greetings of the most high. We come forth now with an extremely positive message for all of you who have found your way to these sacred words. There are huge and momentous shifts taking place vibrationally on your planet as we speak and that which is known as “the event” has well and truly begun. Many of you are aware of the significance of Uranus transiting out of Aries and into the constellation of Taurus, and for many in the Twin soul Collective this is a most fortuitous transition. Taurus represents the Earth the body, and Uranus represents innovation, advancements, and radical transformation. An alignment of this nature is very deeply connected to the transformation of

Twin Soul Energy Report.. Intense Ascension Symptoms due to imminent rapture

Dearest beloved's, Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with great excitement with regards to the upcoming 5.5 portal date. Dear ones, it is imperative that you all know that the love energy that was anchored on beltane the 1st of May deeply and profoundly supported the timeline split which was activated on the 4.4 Portal Gateway. So much pure and divine love was poured into Gaia during the many many beltane celebrations in the Northern Hemisphere on that highly auspicious date, which has accelerated the collective ascension timeline for all. Beltane is an extremely important ceremony which bears witness to the rising of the may king and queen and the s

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