Twin soul energy report.. 3d Timelines have expired now, Huge shifts imminent as we approach equinox

Dearest beloveds, Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this highly auspicious moment of your time to bring forth a message directly sent forth from the living unified higher self consciousness. This message is infused with energetic frequencies designed to stimulate and activate all of the ascension organs and codes within the body, that the secret Christos secretion that is stored within the colostrum may be finally once and for all released, that you may acknowledge and fully remember the holy eternal divine sovereign being you have always been. The disclosure agenda is unfolding impeccably as is every single nuance of the Ascension trajectory. Many many of you are receiving

Twin Soul Energy Report.. 8.8 lions gate.. showtime for all on the ascension path

Namaste brothers and sisters, Greetings of the highest celestial order. We come forward now in this moment of your time with a message hearalding great great Victory to the forces of light… The lunar eclipse on the 30th of July 27th of July marked the ending a huge and significant cosmic cycle for the 144000 illumined starseed twin flames. The time now as we approach the 8.8 lionsgate is truly unprecedented ground that all of us are walking on. This is a time of rapid transformation for many now, as the lower timelines that had kept us entrenched in the playing out of these low frequency narratives has now been 100% and entirely cleared. Therefore this period Marks A New Beginning for the ch

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