Twin soul Ascension Report ....Divine feminine has fully surrendered, activating full union codes

Dearest beloveds, Greetings of the most high. It is our most sincerest honour to come forward to you all in this moment with a sacred message from the higher dimensional realms of consciousness - that which is known as home. We come forth in this hour of your time to express our deepest gratitude to the 144000 starseed Frontline crew…. who are stepping up now in this time of 2019, remembering implicitly that 2019 is a highly auspicious year which inaugurates the 3D realm through the master number 12 gateway into her original paradise state also known as the fairy tale reality, whereby all genuine divine vibrational counterparts are in union on all planes of consciousness with the Divine belo

Twin soul Ascension Report.. Divine feminine is back in zero point field

Dearest beloveds, Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with very important information to share with you our divine ascending angelic humans. The continuous influx of crystalline light codes are continuing to flood the earthly plane in Earnest now dearest ones, these crystalline codes are also known as photonic light Particles and gamma rays and they have been designed specifically to interact personally with our own DNA. These photonic light particles contain codes pertaining to and which fully activate our true potential as eternal Christed angelic Avatar beings. Please know it can be very intense for the human vessel to be bombarded with such high fr

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