Twin soul ascension report: Focus is on Divine Masculine awakening, whilst Divine feminine is soarin

Namaste brothers and sisters, Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time on the great wings of the ergetically game-changing equinox Gateway. Dearest ones, there are many many unravellings taking place behind the scenes currently that are destined to set this entire earthly realm on course to collectively stabilizing as a fifth-dimensional unity consciousness society. Please know that it has taken literally thousands of years for Humanity to get into the current situation that it is in, and therefore what is required is a systematic dismantling of the lower frequency forces and agendas that sought to keep humanities christlike consciousness entrapped in an a

Twin Soul ascension report... Boundaries crucial now for divine feminine as we anchor the golden age

Dearest Beloveds, Greetings of the most high. It is our deepest honour to come forward in this moment of your time with a very important and activating message for all of you Frontline way-shower, twin soul starseeds.These are such incredibly exciting times that we are all living in and everybody is noticing the intensity of the energetics as we build up now towards the equinox gateway. Please know that as we approach this upcoming wave of March equinox, already many many are reporting atmospheric anomalies, unusual symptoms and heightened perception. Beloveds this is all indicative of the energy of the huge wave that is trickling in now. During times such as this it is important to remember

Twin Soul Ascension report: Galactics are working with Divine masculines to collectively awaken them

Namaste brothers and sisters, Greetings of the most high. We come forward in this moment of your time with news from the dimensional veil that has now virtually diminished in its entirety. We come forth heralding the Eternal song of gratitude to all of you brothers and sisters who came forward on the 333 portal, in your Ascension/soul groups with the intention to fully activate within the collective consciousness field - the releasing of the Christ-oil which has always been a fundamental aspect of our evolutionary potential as angelic humans. The most extraordinarily important work took place on this date with regards to the reinstatement of Nikola Tesla and his template of free energy being

Twin soul Ascension report...Divine feminine has risen ...........En masse unions ARE NOW ALIGNING

Dearest beloveds, Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this 333 portal which is the most extraordinarily powerful energetic gateway that any of us will have experienced thus far on our Ascension/evolutionary trajectory. The 333 portal is masterfully aligned with the Hindu celebration of Shivaratri. Shivartri is an opportunity for the collective Consciousness to come together in celebration of the Divine masculine energy. Please know that an extremely powerful portal has been opened in the underground Chambers of Paris where buy our galactic team are working diligently with the oversoul of the collective divine masculine consciousness, and know that the energy of the 333 and shi

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