Twin Soul ascension report .. 144000 code demystified...Huge ascension waves incoming

Dearest beloveds, The extremely intense ascension energies are again pouring into earths atmosphere dear ones, and these spikes appear to take place around the 22nd of each month, as the sun transitions from one sign to the next. Please know that these Ascension waves will continue to increase in intensity until we experience their Samvartaka/ Solar flash event. Please know we are currently in an extremely powerful and auspicious gateway That is leading us up to the 6.6 Master Portal Which is hearalding the frequencies of equanimity and atonement for the collective of humanity. We come forward today with an important message to share with you all with regards to the 144.000 illumined way-sho

Twin Soul Ascension Report.... Full moon in scorpio, Time for full mastery now

Dearest brothers and sisters. Greetings of the most high. We can't forward now in this moment of your time on the wings of this potent full moon in scorpio, with great wondrous and exciting news to share with you all... The light has won beloved's and all lower timelines have collapsed. The light has won beloveds. All of the work that you have put in - to love and cherish your divine precious selves, and remember the Divine truth that we are all embodiments of God in human form has born unimaginable fruit..... The light has truly won beloved's. We will keep repeating this until you all are jumping up and down in celebration. Victory to the light. Please know that all of the Divine prophecies

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