Twin soul ascension report: Timeline jump for 1st wavers.. We are now collectively stabalizing

Dearest divine brothers and sisters, greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with great news to share with all of you who are vibrationally drawn to these words. Many of you are currently experiencing a timeline shift unlike anything you have ever experienced before, please know that all of the positive energies that are streaming to you you have been building up on a collective and individual level, and now that we have come out of that very intense Saturn retrograde period (which had us all collectively feel like we could take no more,) the cosmic tide has well and truly turned. A perfect analogy to explain what we have just come through is: if you take

Twin soul Ascension report: Saturn goes direct, hugely important message for the divine feminine

Dearest brothers and sisters, Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this sacred moment of your time on the wings of the highly Potent and extremely auspicious equinox Gateway. So many shifts are occurring for many of the 144000 first wave of Ascension Pioneers with regards to Saturn now stationing direct on its ecliptic path in the heavens, as well as us all collectively moving through the somewhat heavy intensity of the 9:9 portal. Please know that for many of you who this message is specifically for, so much density and dross has been cleared from your energetic system and indeed from your timelines in this last coming few weeks after the intense light influx of the Lions Gate

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