Ascension report: White hat Earth Alliance is in full control 4.4 portal aligning

Dearest brothers and sisters, Greetings of the most high, We come forward now on this Powerful day with time Important news to share to those of you who are vibrationally drawn to these words. As we spoke about in our last ascension report, we are currently in the time period that will be remembered as “The changing of the guard”. For many many thousands of years, the earth and humanity Have been under the rulership of extremely unimaginable evil, dark, and nefarious beings, that have sought to keep humanity profoundly enslaved, disempowered and spiritually asleep to their perpetual and eternal glory as mother-father Gods direct offspring. These beings have been able to get away with these e


Dearest brothers and sisters, Greetings of the most high....We come forward now in this moment of your time and indeed many of us are deeply aware that these times are absolutely unprecedented. In these powerful times that we are in - we are all bearing witness to what could accurately be called the “Changing of the Guard” by this we are referring to the timeline that marks the end of the age of Darkness Kali-yuga and the opening dawn of the golden age that which is known as the Satya Yuga. Indeed we have arrived at the time in the Cosmic clock whereby it is 11:59 and we are about to truly and absolutely enter into eternal and abiding peace, abundance, happiness, health, community and eterna

Twin soul ascension report: 2020 is showtime.. Disclosure is happening now

Dearest brothers and sisters, Greetings of the most high. We come forward now with a very important message for all of you who are vibrationally drawn to these words. We are on the cusp of an extremely Potent and Almighty neurological portal date and it is absolutely imperative that as many of you as possible gather together in your soul groups /Ascension groups on this date in order to unify your intentions with God's will, which is all-Mighty. On portal dates such as the 3.3 and equinox and solstice etc, the spiritual energies are intensified due to the fact that we as a collective species have made agreements that within the zero point field of "no time" and "all-time" certain portal dat

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