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12:12 spiritual mastery transmission

The 12:12 transmission


The 12:12 transmission will take place on the 12th of December at 9:09 p.m. UK time.


In this transmission, we will be specifically working to stabilize with our 12th-dimensional master Avatar self into the earthly matrix field.


We will also be working with our 12 strand DNA and the numerological potency of that day, to assist the individual and collective to transform from the two strand scrambled DNA back to its 12 strand perfected diamond formation.


This is absolutely huge work that we are being called to do for the collective brothers and sisters, and please know that we are the forerunners of this great shift, and the work that we achieve in the transmission will be filtered down to all future generations to come.


In this transmission, we will also be focusing on establishing your vibration with your higher self. All those who come forward to be part of this transmission will receive an extremely auspicious gift with regards to them stepping fully into their spiritual mastery codes. 


We are also being strongly guided to to assist the Guardians of the planet to stabilise the Earth into the 5th dimensional matrix field through assisting in the final boost of  releasing this planet out of  it's long ordained quarantine


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