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sexual trauma release ceremony 

Dearest brothers and sisters it gives me the greatest pleasure to announce that I will be facilitating a sexual trauma Release ceremony, which will take place on Sunday, the 25th of October at 8:20 pm UK time.


Sexual abuse has been the most horrific crime against humanity and is something that is affecting every single person alive at this time whether you have been sexually abused in this lifetime or not.

One in four people have been sexually abused in this lifetime and for others sexual abuse has occurred prolifically within our own ancestral lineages this means that our mothers and grandmothers were sexually abused and we received those imprints whilst in the womb and whilst being brought up by these women who were violated.

Also as we know human trafficking is the fastest growing industry prior to Covid and women and children have been stolen at a phenomenal rate in order to be sexually abused and in some cases tortured in order to receive the Adrenochrome.

The fact that this is happening to anyone on earth affects everyone of us, and it is so important that we address this issue of healing the sexual trauma that we are carrying on an individual level.

There is no way that the planet can ascend whilst so many people are holding onto frozen templates of violated sexuality and sexual trauma, and Now that we are on a trajectory towards the 21st of December - which marks the true birth of the age of Aquarius, it is absolutely imperative that we address this issue personally and collectively.

Please share this with your friends and family as this is such a fundamental issue for the collective.

The cost to take part in the ceremony is £33 there is a concessionary price of £22 for those that are not working I will also offer a pay it forward option which will give those of you who are very abundant the opportunity to pay it forward for your brothers and sisters who do not have the necessary abundance at this time



for those of you who are not on Facebook and are unable to join the secret group please message me and I have also included a Zoom link for the many many souls who are no longer on facebook .


please know I will use two screens in the ceremony one to broadcast live on Facebook the other to broadcast live via zoom which as i said above is STRICTLY only for people who do not have Facebook, as there will be a very limited number of places

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