Twin flame Pre solstice energy report


Dear beloveds,

We come through in this hour of your time from the unified field of consciousness that is the zero point. We come, sent forth on wings of great great love to deliver a message to those who have been blessed with the ears to hear and who are gifted with the empathic capabilities to receive these words as activation codes, awakening the pineal Centre, the pituitary gland, and the higher heart consciousness.

Indeed these words have been intended to entrench you auric field with the deep soul knowing that resonates from your own inner beingness.

We come to speak to you today regarding certain energetics that are taking place within the timelines of a great number of illumined twin flames at this pivotal point in Earth's ascension. Our message today is a pertinent reminder to you that the universe is working diligently behind the scenes or veil you could say to deliver the most perfected possibilities between what inevitably will be for many many of you, earthly reunion with your twin flame.