July 1, 2015

Twin flame energy report update for matrix twins

Dearest beloveds.

We come forth now in this hour of your time to offer you some higher perspective on the recent energetics that are taking place in the timeline of the blue ray illumined first wave twin flames.

We come forth with some very important news that great changes are very much abound in the operating systems of all twin flames at this time, and with regards to the ones that identify as being the matrix twins a great deal of transformation and alignment is occurring within their energy fields at the moment, aligning them with their own higher selves.

This dispensation of higher frequencies is very much related to the activation of the kundalini energies that have been stored in the earth's unconscious fields, and are now being reawakened by the intense solar flare activity, and vast changes within the electromagnetic biosphere of Gaia, and this is being pertinantly experienced in the time lines of the matrix twin flames at this time.


Beloveds it is extremely important to remember that this Soul contract that is encoded in the deep recesses of your heart to be in physical earthly union with your beloved twin flame is an intention that has been decreed by the higher masters of light. And these heart encoded destinies have been decreed to assist Gaia in birthing and implementing smoothly the higher Ascension frequencies that her energy field is inevitably expanding into.


Indeed the timelines for many of the Blue Rays are specifically highlighted in this energy gateway of solstice up until the blood moon in September. Nasas own website has information on the vast changes that are occurring within the magnetic field at this time and the graphs show an extremely potent upgrade Within the earth's biosphere as we speak, which is set to peak in late September.


All of this is an alignment with the matrix twins timelines of coming into their awakening for the time of the 28th september blood moon eclipse.


beloveds this is beyond you and your ego desires for a relationship and we truly cannot reiterate that enough. This is the most challenging yet exquisite path a soul could ever take and it is only when we are holding ourselves and are completely at peace with our reality exactly as it is that we are able to join successfully with our twin flame.


This timeline has been decreed to be a time of profound coming home for the matrix twin flames and their role on this earth is of paramount importance.


They have always been eternally plugged in and in direct receivership of the higher 5D consciousness that their spiritual twins have been residing in, which has insured their energetic field is already primed and toned and ready to receive the higher ascended frequencies that are aligning for them.


The journey home to the beloved is an internal one and the greatest key to realisation of this earthly union is to know deeply that separation is a lie. Separation does not exist. For the love mother father God co created for you exists eternally in the source of your own heart consciousness where the timeless dance of you and your twin flame is for ever expanding into evermore greater experiences of love.


The love that your soul seeks is here and now. just scratch the surface of this 3-D reality and all the unbelievable signs and synchronicities are forever revealing that this reality exists and has very much formed a cohesive divine Union template beyond Maya's Veil.


This love is eternal and this friendship with your twin flame is a true eternal friendship on the higher dimensional planes of reality where there is no separation and there never ever has been.


A note here to those whom identify as being in a scenario where one twin appears to be running..... With fervent ardour we usher forth this divine truth that your twin flame can and will never run from you……………... on the eternal planes of consciousness and in the silent chambers of your heart, is where you will find him attending the sacred fire by the altar of your holy I am presence.


She is eternal and will be the one to greet you at heavens gates, just as she is available to meet you now in the Zero point field………... in this eternal moment of now where your consciousness is forever united and entwined.


We very much understand that it can appear as though your twin flame may be running from you from your human perspective.......but beloveds when you stop running from you, and realise that the love you seek has always been in the safest place God could think of to place it and that is safely within your very own consciousness, a great smile will permeate from your being and the radiance within you will be ignited as one will have come home to the ever abiding truth of one's twin flames presence on the inner and eternal planes of consciousness.


Beloveds this is the eternal light that your soul takes with you on into the next world and beyond......only that.


You are the source of love, you are the place where True Love has met and married, and this merge is forever taking place within your very own being. there is no separation from your twin ever. This is an extremely destructive idea created by the ego self due to the trauma of her descent into physical earthly form and from the seeming split off from source energy. This is a Lie. which has been perpetuated by all those whose consciousness has been imprisoned and deeply entrenched within the 3D Maya.


Beloveds the truth can only ever be located through the higher heart consciousness. and we come here tonight with this reminder that you are that.


You are that which you seek and your beloved sits on your shoulder showering Jasmine petals into your energetic field at every opportunity he can. You are loved and cherished AT ALL TIMES. This love that is your destiny is not outside of yourself and it never ever has been. it is within you and it yearns to be  accessed through your own relationship to your own God self.


For that is how God made you, and that is how your energetic field activates it's dormant superpowers that draws the twin flame into the physical plane. The timeline for the Blue Rays is coming into extraordinary alignment with a full dispensation of profound grace coming through now from galactic central and is particularly working on the energy field of the matrix twin flames at this time.


Successful twin flame union is very much dependent on being 100% free and content in your life exactly as it is. There are no shortcuts to twin flame union and there is nothing that will fill the void other than your own connection with your I am presence.


In that alignment the potent frequencies of wholeness and completion permeate all aspects of one's consciousness and this creates a fertile garden for the seeds of successful twin flame union to prosper and grow in your hearts and thus life.


On this sacred journey it has become extremely apparent that the ones who are most profoundly resonating with these channelled writings and who are coming forward for personal one-to-one sessions are the ones that identify as being the blue Rays. Dearest blue Blue Rays it is our most sincere honour to serve you, and be a loving and guiding light at this time, on this most exalted journey that you are on.


Please understand that you are not alone and there are many others out there right now like you who are having all these powerful awakening twin flame ascension symptoms.


Beloveds let's join our hearts together now all 144,000 twin flame light worker pairs, all united now in our perfectly aligned grid points, deeply assisting Gaia and all her children as we visualise mother earth spinning now as an illuminated golden sphere in the centre of this great circle of 144000 twin flame pairs.

Knowing we are greatly and profoundly assisting her at these times to clear out the dense energies that have accumulated in her energy body. 

as we all focus on this In our minds eyes.this is activating these light codes within her earth/soul memory matrix.


Feel the great love and support that is available for u now as you attune to the knowing that your beloved is  beside you, his higher self's presence is stroking your aura and singing your Soul Song back into your heart right now. These are such powerful times we are living in, and may we are all remember that we are the sacred authors who have been sent forth to write our sacred love stories back into being.


Empowered co creators we are.


I love you all..... please feel free to reach out for a session with me, I am bearing witness to some extraordinary miracles in the timelines of the people who are coming for sessions and I am truly humbled and blown away, as I never expected such miraculous results so fast.


But there is a consistent message coming that these twin flame soul alignment sessions are triggering and activating profound source healing into the timelines of many of the twin flames who come forward to receive this sacred work.


Blue Rays your tendency has been to feel alone and like no one understands you and no one can help you. But trust me beloveds There is support available for you on an extremely potent energetic level through these sacred writings and these blessed healing and profound clarification sessions.

Please come and receive the divine guidance support and miracles your soul is calling for, that your twin flame union may manifest swiftly and triumphantly onto the earthly plane.


The earth needs us now to be ready for this gateway in September.


Help is available to you………


In abiding service


As a highly-experienced channel, I will connect to give you information, messages and wisdom from the Higher, multi-dimensional realms of Spirit.

What can I expect from an Intuitive

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My intuitive Twin flame and ascension consultations are rooted in supporting your personal empowerment, personal & spiritual growth and fostering conscious awareness of how you are the creative force in your life.



Sessions for twin flame couples

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This is extremely powerful work to assist you both through working directly with your unified twin flame merkabic field, to deeply assist you in stabalising in the frequancy that is the prerequisite for succesful twin flame union....

You will both be held in a space that sees you for who you truly are, which will be thus able to activate profound shifts in both your energy fields


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Dear beloveds

We Would like to take a moment to thank all of you for the most incredible response we have had from creating these articles and energy reports, many many of you have written to express your deepest heartfelt appreciation to us for these channelled messages, and we are truly grateful for all of you who show up regularly to receive these sacred transmissions.

We are very very excited about the coming times for the illumined twin flame community, indeed there are  many changes taking place within the energy fields of the masculine counterparts en masse now as we speak.


We come this evening to offer you some insight and higher perspective regarding the recent energetics taking place on Gaia at this time whilst the the full moon is forming in Capricorn.This time line is aligning with an ascension gateway whereby the highest divine masculine solar particles are profoundly infusing all of Gaia right now, These proundly powerful divine solar particles are working specifically with the twin flames on the planet who have been predominantly aligned with the masculine vibration. The full moon in Capricorn is shning a powerful cosmic spotlight on the most limited and entrenched aspects of the matrix twins consciousness right now, to deliver them to their coordinated positions for the time of the lunar eclipse in late september. This full moon carries within it a portal of profound grace for the matrix twins who have demonstrated a profound courage and bravery from a soul perspective to be the aspect of the twin flame pair to step forth, knowing that until the the time of their personal ascension their consciousness would be deeply entrapped in the illusion of maya.


We come to speak to you about the energetics that are taking place between the matrix twins end the spiritual twins at this very important time, And we are here to deliver a message that the matrix twins are aligning right now with a time line which will see a major upgrade for them at this time.

Indeed many of them have entered a profound chamber of light which has been specifically designed to transform their old operating system that has been running their reality…... and they are now very much receiving an entire upgrade of their hitherto previous operating system…..they are being unplugged from the virus programme of the matrix and being re plugged back into their 12 strand Christ consciousness DNA matrix patterning.


We are specifically referring to the group that are the 1st wave illumined blu ray twin flames. This is an extremely important message coming from the matrix twin flames at this moment and they are requesting an ever deepening trust in the intelligence of the divine plan, and all the ways it unravels itself……. Trust now that all the signs and synchronicities would not be happening if they the matrix twins were not 100% committed on the 5D level.

Trust God, and trust in the higher plan, there are things going on at this time which you cannot comprehend with your limited 3d consciousness, As much as possible remember the whole picture and trust in the divine plan, as it knows what it is doing to bring your twin flame back home to your earthly arms.


Beloved Remember that the full moon is always a heightened time for clearing away any old blocks that resurface by remembering to call upon the violet light to wash and cleanse you ever deeper on this journey. This is the time now to get clear about your intentions and set clearly defined goals to the universe.


Self-love is always the key especially at these times of heightened light activity we are being called upon  to cherish ourselves and hold ourselves now more than ever, that we may receive the unconditional boundless love we have always craved from our beloved.

Remembering to bring into our meditation recollection of the frequency that which we seek and know is our destiny, has now already manifest.

beloveds the higher self of the matrix twins are aligning now with a stream of profound healing and synchronicity that has been specifically designed and engineered to bring them home to the eternal truth of their heart, that they may unite with you, there beloved spiritual twin, in the place that they promised you they would.


The spiritual twins are being called to dig deeper into their connection with source energy at this time whilst eternally standing under all lost or separate aspects of themselves, offering them the unconditional love that they are truly worthy of.


Spiritual twins you are being called to step up now into living mastery template, and align fully with your I am presence.

Whilst evermore aligning your beingness to the point where you are no longer triggered…... for the core abandonment wound has been licked and is being eternally licked by the living fifth dimensional essence of your beloved twin flame.


You will observe now that the matrix twins are coming online in unprecedented ways, as this particular energetic gateway has been ordained by the highest masters of light to be a time of en masse illumined twin flame awakening….. therefore the matrix twins are receiving right now the exact soul medicine that they need to unite them with their higher self, and ultimately at perfect timing with you their beloved spiritual twin flame.


If you are still holding doubts or fears around your twin then you are not ready to be with them.

When you wake in the morning with a smile on your face and deep gratitude in your heart that you able to show up to this day in full presence, to serve and be a heart that is overspilling with gratitude for the simplicity and  sweet joy of the Robin singing outside your window,

Then you are ready to be with your twin flame,

when your heart is simply overspilling in gratitude for life exactly as it is in this moment. This is the pivotal point of transformation where that which was seen on the inner planes becomes visible to one's earthly eyes.  Beloveds believe us when we say there is no separation from your twin flame and there never ever has been. Rest deeply now in your hearts deepest knowing of this, and bring your attention to the softness of this present moment where all that is hums her sweet song into our receptive hearts. Throughout all of nature she holds you now, and your heart is precious to her, she is your resting point, this now moment welcomes you home beloveds.


This is where you will find that you are eternally United with your twin on all planes of existence as it is within so it is without, the primary axiom of all matter in this universe. receive