September 1, 2015




Dearest beloveds,

We come through now in this hour of your time to offer you some loving guidance regarding the intense energetics many of you are currently experiencing in this potent ascension gateway. 


Much has been spoken about by various physicists and channels regarding the vast changes that are occurring within the electromagnetic biosphere of Gaia, indeed mother earth is aligning now rapidly with the living heart of galactic central which is activating an intense dispensation of gamma light particles into the atmosphere.  


These light particles are being received by certain ascension portal stations within the physical body, the main ones at this time being the crown chakra and the thymus gland also known as the higher heart centre. The human vessel in its divine creation was designed with dormant codes which are stored in one's human DNA specifically to be activated by these gamma ray photonic light particles. You have come very far now beloveds on your journey home back to the present moment, and we come forth to share with you from this point now the integration of these light particles shall ease profusely. The month of August was very much energetically a month of clearing. however the month of September truly is the harvest time where the fruits of all that deep healing and cleansing will be reaped. The energies of September paradoxically along with being paradigm transforming are also actually extremely soothing and nurturing and stabilising. Expect to feel great shifts now beloveds. As a monumental amount of collective shadow energy has been returned and transformed by divine love. 



Believe us when we say you are all doing so well, and exceeding all of our expectations in the higher realms with regards to the efficacy and Grace you are displaying as you integrate these potent ascension frequencies. 


Breathe deeply beloveds.


Breath in these golden God particles as Golden shimmering powder filling up and infusing your crown chakra, and dispersing throughout your whole physical and energetic system. 

If you feel your solar plexus centre is highly activated repeat the word Calm ........

I am calm .....until you feel an actual shift in the solar plexus centre. 


Walk barefoot on the earth every day...... the benefits of this are far too prolific to share here, suffice to say this is the number one divine assistance tool at your disposal to keep your energy stable and grounded at this time. 


With regards to the illumined blue Ray twin flame reunion trajectories vast changes are occurring for both twins at the moment. 

The female counterparts have just come through a monumental upgrade recently, and we are overjoyed to report that after the temporary unplugging from your higher self matrix (which was deemed necessary in order to bring you to a state of deep surrender and also to facilitate the next stage of the Ascension process)............ there has been a full reinstatement to the diamond Christed 12 strand DNA matrix patterning. 

These last few weeks have left many of you feeling somewhat lost in the Maya of this never-ending path towards full earthly reunion with your beloved twin flame, but this time period is serving many of you very well as it is orchestrating a deep and abiding sense of surrender and let go with regards to the decreed divine timing of your twin flame reunion. 



Beloveds this love story that exist in your higher heart consciousness is by no means random and is far far closer than it seems right now.  the great mystery is seducing you to step out in your full power now, into the unknown,not knowing what's around the next corner yet remaining upbeat and positive at every turn. 


we love you so much and wish you could comprehend how truly adored you are by Us your guides. 


If you look  outside of yourself you will never ever find, yet if you make a U-turn you will find that you have the keys to the kingdom of heaven and have possessed them all along. When you are truly home within yourself attending the sacred fire at the holy altar of your I am presence, when you are on track to Fully actualising your mission, and when you are shining like the beacon that you truly are Your beloved twin flame will find you on the earthly plane. 


For they resonate at the frequency within you that is home, therefore when you are truly home that's when they will find you. 


The old illusionary 3-D model of relationship deems it somewhat necessary to seek outside of yourself your connection to source, beloveds that is the Royal road away from alignment your twin flame. 


Beloveds shine.... 

shine because you can. 

shine because it's who you are


We understand the pain many of you have been experiencing in these last few weeks and we would like to say that this is all in accordance with the Divine plan as this has been a time of huge clearing of old false energetic templates. 


so many of you have demonstrated impeccable mastery in this time period as we have witnessed you diligently call on the violet flame to assist you in transforming and transmuting these old dense vibrations. 


We say to you Stellar work has been achieved by a vast number of a illumined twin flames. 


We hope you have gained some comfort from these words that have come directly from our living heart to yours we adore you and are so excited about this coming months as mother Gaia  fully adorns her ascension Garms for the first time in humanities newstory. 


We cannot reiterate enough that everything you seek is within your very own being. if you look outside of yourself, you lose your connection with source energy which inevitably creates an unfillable void. 


Stop this now beloveds... awaken to the divine truth that the love you seek is within your very own divine I am presence. 

in the place beyond all thoughts end emotions there is a timeless still calm lake, resting and observing all phenomena as it passes by. 


This is where you will find your beloved twin flame, not out there in the marketplace but inside the stillness of your very own being, and when u are truly resting there then he will find u.... in the market place...... 


We love you and we pray this transmission has been deeply received ever reminding you of the great power your higher Godself has always granted you. 


Enlightenment is easier than you think. 


it simply is 


in loving service


White Wolf Tribe. 

Twin flame energy report...NEW MOON PARTIAL ECLIPSE

Dearest beloveds,

We come through now in this hour of your time to offer you some higher perspective with regards to the recent energetics that are particularly affecting the illumined blue Ray twin flames.

Many of you have been feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the intensity of the waves of gamma light rays that have been bombarding mother Gaia recently.... indeed these light rays hold within them the almighty force of Kali Ma and Lord Shiva…….energetics that have been sent forth to eradicate all that is not fully in alignment with who you truly are.

For many of you who are on the frontline of this Ascension trajectory, not only have you been cleaning your own ancestral pain and darkness... in earnest, you have also been acting as conduits to release much of the darkness of humanity which has been stored in the unconscious fields of humanity's collective consciousness.

This is why it has felt so extraordinarily intense these last few weeks, as you will agree there is much within the third dimensional matrix template that requires cleaning and cleansing.

A word about the actuality of ascension. Within one's ascended consciousness energy field, the third dimension will still be very much alive and functioning, however one who has experienced an ascension of their consciousness and a hitherto stabilising in this, understands that the present moment holds within it all dimensional realities, which at Will, much Like a radio dial.... you can choose which frequency band to tune into.

One whose consciousness has ascended is thus able to experience a profound dimensional fluidity, with an awakened memory code of the power to change their frequency dial at will.


Beloveds with regards to the trajectory of the reunion of the illumined blue Ray twin flames... as we have mentioned before, there is still a monumental amount of orchestration taking place behind the scenes right now with regards to aligning the twin flames on their grid points for the 28 September 2015,

However within this divine orchestration of each other's physical whereabouts for this particular energetic gateway, there is also an ensuring that many of the illumined twin flames will be actually together at the time period beyond the collective Ascension date of 28 September 2015.

Far-fetched as this may seem to many of you now who seem to be in the same place as you were this time last year. we again reiterate that the divine union of twin flames is not something that your ego is invoking. indeed it is the will of our Divine mother father God which has been decreed to occur In order to ensure the complete restoration of vibrational equilibrium to Gaia and all her children.

Beloveds the mind can be the greatest enemy on this path to fully stabilising in ascended 5D consciousness and that is because it truly has no comprehension of the scale of love and support that is available to it, nor is it equipped to be at the helm with regards to your full and complete spiritual awakening.  

Indeed the mind has been designed to be a humble servant of the higher self..... what does this mean?

The mind has been designed to act as the implementer of the divine will, one way for this to be actualised is by the practice of  training yourself to stop thinking whenever you naturally remember to do so. you must each train yourself to practice the art of stopping your train of thoughts and returning your full attention back to present moment consciousness when ever in the day you naturally remember to do so.

This one act, is the single most potent action you can take for your full salvation and ensuing liberation of the divine consciousness that dwells within.

When the mind is trained to stop its addiction to analysis and scrutiny and when one begins to prioritise emphasising awareness of the space from which all thoughts arise, one aligns profusely with that which could be termed the super consciousness field.....this is where all solutions and all miracles are abound.

Beloveds we cannot stress enough the importance of this daily spiritual practice whereby you train yourself to get the mind out of the way. these energies are extremely intense and we are offering you a solution that will assist you to surf gracefully this exciting new wave of energy that is rapidly and exponentially sweeping over mother Gaia.

twin flames are now aligning on their grid points as they promised they would in their pre-birth state.

Many twin flames are on the verge of full recognition and full reunion in this energetic gateway.

the secret now is to stay calm. deeply calm and trusting………….

Although from our higher perspective the ascension of gaia's 1st wave of ascension pioneers has already taken place, from your 3rd dimensional perspective there are still some actions that need to take place, here we are referring to the responsibility you all hold as TFs to usher in the actualisation of the collective TF reunion template to Gaia, this means that within your meditations it is wholly appropriate, and in divine alignment to visualise all 144,000 TF pairs reuniting in the great pyramids of giza, overlooked at this auspicious moment in blisstory by the great Lord Ganesha, who has been sent forth now in his violet robes to assist all TFs remove all of the final obstacles to their full earthly reunion…….beloveds we encourage you to call upon lord Ganesh at these times, as he has been granted vast powers by our supreme creator self, to assist humanity in fully and completely implementing the divine will….the more you all do this and work together as a group/ collective consciousness, the more rapidly your TF unions will come into physical actuality



Beloveds you are being called now to trust in the darkness, the feminine, the unconscious, the womb of creation....

for you are all truly safe


Twin flame energy report pre equinox

Dearest beloveds,

We come through now in this hour of your time to offer you some comfort and reassurance as we ride these profound higher dimensional waves that are sweeping over mother Gaia now.

Please understand lightworkers that you are all aligning now with your highest timelines which will see the first wave of illumined twin flames cross over the ascension threshold as a collective consciousness into 5d.

The most important task that is before you now is to truly be the living masters of divine love that you have come here to be, that this template may be fully and completely implemented into the consciousness of Gaia. as we have stated many times before, vast changes are occurring now on a DNA and cellular level with regards to the illumined twin flame trajectory, and in earnest the diamond christed 12 strand DNA matrix template has now been fully and completely implemented into your human vessels. This time period / energetic gateway has successfully removed vast amounts of dark thought forms from within your own psyche and thus from within the psyche of the collective consciousness.


Indeed These intense gamma waves have been serving your higher self very well as these light rays which have been ordained and sent forth from galactic central have held and infused within them, the potent frequencies of the Silver/Violet Flame, overlooked at these times by the great Lord Ganesha remover of all obstacles......As the Gamma rays are sent forth from Galactic central they usher forward as spirals of golden light codes, that have been designed to be received fully by the human DNA...these God particles are bringing forth the living template of the fully crystallised being, one whose energetic frequency is attuned to higher sensory powers and miracle consciousness…….

Therefore we say unto you that humanity is very much on track to aligning with this mass collective Ascension gateway of 28 September 2015. This particular date has been spoken about by various different channels in the last few months and we come forward to reiterate that there will be a clear and dynamic shift in the collective consciousness of Gaia peeking at the time of the blood moon eclipse. Many of you who we speak to today will experience this as a full and complete stabilising in 5D consciousness which will manifest as a tribe of beings whose hearts are overspilling in tears of profound gratitude and a deep willingness to be in service.

Stabilising in 5D consciousness brings with in it many many  gifts far too numerous to mention here suffice it to say your ESP powers are collectively about to exponentially increase. we are so excited to report that all is on track for aligning with this extremely revolutionary timeline, and without all you frontline Ascension pioneers we would not be at this point where we truly are now. The tide has well and truly turned and the quota of positive energy upon this sacred holy planet far far exceeds the last residues of dark energy that is being faced now and loved back to the light. Mother Gaia is firmly on her ascension trajectory and within this dynamic and exciting wave of energy this will bring forth many illumined twin flames to be together again as one living soul within the third dimension.

This is a timeline which has been decreed by the highest overlords of time and manifestation, and we are all but the empty vessels who have been primed and prepared to actualise this master plan. Within the stabilizing in higher fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness, there will be the wholehearted and complete realisation that time as you have understood it does not exist….. all there is is this now moment whereby your multidimensional avatar self can navigate past, future, parallel, or concurrent, time