October 1, 2015

Twin flame energy report post 28th Sept



Dearest beloveds,

We come forward now in this moment of your time to offer you some insights regarding this monumental energetic gateway that you are all walking through right now. Indeed we bring forward the rejoiceful news that many of you have truly crossed over this threshold, and are now stabilised in fifth dimensional consciousness.


This time of Ascension has brought with it the secure recognition of the identity of the one who stands before you on the physical plane or in the higher fifth dimensional realms of consciousness as the true beloved consort of your soul. This recognition is an automatic by product of anchoring in fifth dimensional consciousness, and this knowing is now catalysing the heart to release its nectar of unconditional love…... which is the core energetic foundation of the fifth dimension.


Please understand beloveds that monumental work has been achieved by many of you to have got to this point within Earth's planetary Ascension trajectory, and this collective circle of light workers who have now stabilised in 5D consciousness, are now on their predestined soul agreed grid points and stand as a team, as a band of light workers connecting up all the sacred points on gaia's grid.


During this monumental time in earth's ascension this is now activating what is known as the firing of the Grid, and we tell you in earnest that this lunar eclipse that was upon us has been doing exactly that.


It has been no easy feat, the full physical reunion of the illumined twin flames, but please understand that great great work has been achieved, and much clearing has occurred within a vast number of your timelines now. We speak particularly about the timeline of Atlantis whereby the illumined twin flames experienced their first separation which caused a tear in their souls. This lifetime of Atlantis is at the root of many of the lifetimes which have preceded it which have seen twin flames somewhat stuck in the the dance of separation. However due to the hitherto collective stabilising into 5D consciousness this energy is now ushering in en masse the complete healing and transformation of this timeline and thus the reunion of the masculine twin flames with their divine spiritual feminine twin flame counterparts. ( we will be speaking more in depth about this timeline in our next article)


The magnitude of this master plan has required enough of you to be stabilised in higher consciousness that you may stand as empty and clear Channel  remembering who you are as source beings, in service,  with your heart fully activated and attuned to the Almighty frequency of Unconditional love…... now enough of you are holding this stabilised frequency, this is the power and the might that will usher forwards the male twin flames counterparts on a collective level to take their place on the physical plane by the side of their feminine Divine Beloveds.


From our higher dimensional perspective we are overjoyed with the timelines we see before us and we send our deepest gratitude for all the work you have diligently done with regards to clearing these residual dark timelines/soul memories that have been stored in your cells and muscles.


To those whom we speak to tonight you will be experiencing at the moment an intense activation of the Ascension portals and high-frequency stations that reside in your physical body. All of these organs and higher dimensional psychic stations are being fully and completely activated at the moment by the gamma rays coming forth from Galactic central sent forth as Golden spirals, interlocking with your DNA matrix patterning, and thus awakening your pineal Centre, pituitary glands and higher heart consciousness….


Well done beloveds you are all doing so well, if you are feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of the metamorphosis that is under way in your psyche at these times please feel free to reach out for support to our beloved channel. we are witnessing profoundly deep shifts in these healing sessions at the moment, as there is a very direct and swift transference of the higher dimensional template to the one who comes forward to do this sacred work….

You are all doing so well and we send our love to you and our deepest gratitude for the amazing work that you are all doing....

At the centre of your being exists a calm stillness and abiding presence....be as the one whom observes all phenomena passing through while eternally remaining untouched and as an empty vessel....... that God's grace may come forward and fill thy earthly cup.


We love you and we have come forward to be in service to you.

All is well beloveds.

God's great master plan is well underway…

white wolf tribe....


Twin flame energy report Mercury direct

Dearest beloveds.

We come through now, in this hour of your time to congratulate you on the most pristine higher dimensional consciousness many of you have now stabilised in, due to your focus on the task at hand to meet, love, and embrace, all the darkest aspects of your being.

This has precipitated the great great changes that are now rapidly permeating throughout  Mother Gaia, and right now we are overjoyed to share that even your 3d  news is being bombarded with reports of paradigm shifting occurrences, that are taking place on an unprecedented level all around your planet at the moment. We refer here to some examples of this such as female circumcision being finally banned in Nigeria, many many countries also banning GMO’s and fracking, the rise of high vibrating political candidates such as Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbin, alternative services being offered on the NHS such as spiritual healing and Reiki, and the government of India saying yes to free technology…...These are just a few examples of how Gaia's higher vibratory frequency is transforming even what appeared to be the most solid of structures and institutions.


Beloveds the tide has truly turned and many of you of course are feeling this very much at these times. with regards to the illumined twin flame trajectory we would like to speak a bit about the time of Atlantis and how healing this timeline is crucial in implementing the full victory of God's plan regarding twin flame reunion……


Within the vast journey your souls have been on, there have been core times whereby you experienced separation from your twin flame. One of those times was during the time of Atlantis.

Up until and during much of the time of Atlantis, the twin flames had incarnated peacefully and triumphantly upon the earthly plane... however during this time whereby the quarantine of gaia was removed, the earth was bombarded by lower dimensional forces which lured many of the masculine twin flames away from their beloveds, and off to serve in the dark ones war agenda.


Unfortunately this did occur and many twin flames experienced the first tear in their union, which infiltrated into all of their subtle bodies….. the memory and the trauma of the split has laid at an unconscious level of many of the Twin flames, and has manifested as many lifetimes of separation that have ensued.


However this current energetic gateway is overseeing the complete healing transformation and restoration of this timeline. which is achieved through intention, visualisation, and will.

Previously to this tear in the Twin flames energy bodies, the divine union template of Magdalene and Yeshua had been actualised within the earth's seal, but at the monumental time when many of the male twin flames chose to separate from their divine counterparts…. this created a distortion of the sacred flow between the masculine and feminine energies on the earthly plane……. this was always the plan of the dark ones and in many ways one could say that their plan was successful….. however we come forth today with a reminder that the agenda of the dark ones only ever came about to serve the light….. for everything that ever perceives itself as separate will inevitably one day return home back to the light….. to sacred union….. beloveds we encourage you and empower you to visualise the transformation of the collective twin flame timeline at the time of Atlantis…...transform that timeline and create a new one, whereby your twin flame turns around and makes the choice to return to you……. this is an exceptionally powerful healing tool you have at your disposal right now to assist in this current wave of union of illumined twin flames.


To those whom we speak to tonight, we applaud you for the clarity of your soul song which has attracted these sacred healing words into your heart consciousness, we bow to you most luminescent ones.. devotees of the holy Grail…. everything is occurring in divine timing, fully aligned with God's higher plan and grace.


At these times where it feels like you are continually being tested, allow the deepest darkest aspects of your ego shadow self to be met with the pure unconditional love of your higher self…... continue to have faith in this great grand love story….. Your soul knows the hows and the ways to lead you back onto your beloveds keeping.


Rest deeply now beloveds all is truly well…

Rest deeply now beloveds…... what has always existed in the higher dimensional fields of consciousness is now rapidly configuring into your hearts reality on the third dimension…


Faith truly does move mountains…. as the point of power lies with the observer…. if the observer sees the mountain move then there is nothing for the mountain to do but move…


All matter was designed to bend to the mighty will of God's beloved daughter and son……. rise up now in your full glory as an awakened director, writer and actor who is acting out the knowing of their heart as if it has already happened…


we leave you now with these words of comfort and encouragement from our hearts to yours……...


Please feel free to reach out for a one to session….. I offer psychic and intuitive higher self guidance designed to activate your full stabilising in 5D consciousness, which is the fundamental energetic prerequisite to unite with your twinflame…


Twin Flame energy Super mOOn in Taurus

Dearest beloveds,

We come through now, in this hour of your time, to offer you some insights into the recent energetics that are surrounding mother gaia during these times.Before we begin we would just like to take a moment to say thank you to all of the people
who have written to us and sent emails of gratitude and sharings of the ways these
energy reports have bought healing and great comfort to you
during these transformative times. We are overjoyed and overwhelmed at
the response that we have received and the profound vibrational
shifts that are occurring in many people's lives who are regularly reading these
reports...to you we would like to send out a message of deep gratitude and joy that these transmissions are being received in such a pure and gracious way...

As we are all aware Gaia triumphantly stepped through an extremely important Ascension portal on the 28th September 2015.  On This date the earth's electromagnetic field began to vibrate at a particular harmonic resonance akin to  fifth dimensional consciousness… this was also accompanied by a critical mass of illumined Twin flames, who, on that day, stepped into, and stabilized in their own fifth dimensional awareness.


This has precipitated many vast changes that are abound on the planet at this time, changes are rapidly manifesting within your political arenas and U turns are the order of the day within the highest political offices at this time. As the energy of light is finally taking precedence over the energy of darkness.


This is a most joyful message that we share with you dear beloved children of Gaia,  you have all done so well with your own personal ascension journeys and we wish to share our gratitude with you for your commitment to this path of self realisation.


In our last article we spoke about the importance and necessity of aligning with your beloved  I AM presence. We have received a number of emails from people asking us to go further in depth with regards to practical actions you can take to rest in this sacred space of being.


Firstly we would like to say that to align with ones I AM Presence, one must attain a level of quietness and stillness within their own being that they may hear the silent voice of the heart.


The quiet voice of the heart exists within,  yet third dimensional consciousness has very much overpowered this small voice, therefore to align with your I AM Presence one must pay attention to this voice, take heed of its guidance, and trust in it..

As you follow this guidance, you will meet with your destiny


To align with your I am presence we recommend drinking water that is slightly above room temperature as this is an extremely invigorating and cleansing tonic for your cells and your organs, particularly your higher dimensional consciousness stations within your earthly body. Keeping them hydrated in this manner is essential in keeping your frequency aligned with your I am presence…


We also recommend walking barefoot on the earth every day, as the recent bombardment of Gamma Rays from the Central Sun are being particularly picked up and channelled through nature and the elemental Kingdom.  When you go outside and you connect your bare feet to the earth…. this grounds and anchors your own electromagnetic energy field and tunes your frequency to that of Mother Gaia.  In turn, as you receive these pristine frequencies that are flooding her etheric field this activates Gaia's medicinal frequencies to activate with your own energy body to bring forth assimilation grace ease and greater degrees of well being….


One who is fully awakened to their I AM Presence will have  experienced the Hieros Gamos which is the sacred alchemical marriage of the divine masculine and feminine energies within one's own being. This alchemical union can be cultivated through visualisation and meditation, whereby you, the initiate can visualise the two kundalini serpent snakes at the base of your spine meeting and intertwining and beginning their ascent of all your chakras. When you visualise this, this activates your 12th dimensional chakra system to transfer and transpose its cohesive template of wholeness, completion, and sacred union with divine self and your  beloved, into your physical earthly vessel..


This is a most powerful tool that you have at your disposal to fully come into alignment with your I am presence... the Diamond Christed being that you truly are...


We also highly recommend surrounding yourself as much as possible with high-frequency music which activates feelings of bliss and joy in your being. As you cultivate and emit these high frequency energetics, this naturally attunes you with your fifth dimensional consciousness a.k.a. your I am presence.


As ever we come forth to remind you that it is highly recommend you master the art of training yourself to stop thinking whenever you naturally remember to do so at any point in your day. whether your thoughts are interesting, exciting, boring, blissful, frightening, or mundane, we remind you that to practice training yourself to stop your train of thoughts and bring your awareness to the present moment,  enables the great I am presence within... the super consciousness field of all that is…….. to merge with your own energetic field….


Dearest beloveds, we wish to share now with you an extremely powerful and potent analogy that explicitly describes the process of manifestation from the realm of thought and idea into the realm of physical earthly matter..


Every time u send a desire wish or intention out to the universe the field of infinite potential, your higher God self rushes forth with the precise mold that is required in the etheric and astral realms, that this template (thought/idea) may identically transpose into the 3rd dimension, in divine timing, This process can be very much likened to a statue maker pouring gold into a mold, when the idea is in its liquid form in the mold, this is where the faculty of unfaltering trust in your higher self is required, as that energy is what solidifies the mold into its form, however if at this time one takes on, and buys into thoughts of doubt and fear, this is much like the mold being separated too soon, and the whole thing pours out........ Or as one of the greatest teachers of the law of attraction Robert Collier so eloquantly says...

"What so ever you ask for when you pray believe that you receive it
and you shall have it. whatever you want, make your mental hold, then
throw your net around the flux necessary to fill it. And hold onto it.
Until that flux has hardened. it is yours you, have it, you have only to
believe, to know that you have it, in order to give that flux time to
harden so that all can see it.But to lose faith is to pull away the mould while your flux is still liquid, it will run like Quiksilver in all directions, and you have to start all over again, making a new mould, casting your net around new energy, starting again to give it time to harden and become manifest"       ~ R.Collier


Therefore we say unto you, and fervently remind you that within your I am presence lies an unfaltering anchoring to the frequency of trust and faith, and truly these energies are what is vital to bring your manifestation into being.


We hope this has offered you great inspiration and clarity as you move forward now in your lives remembering “ask and it is given” is the primary axiom of all matter, you are all God's children and your inheritance is your birthright...


If you feel called to reach out for a one-to-one session with me please feel free to do so I work on a psychic and intuitively gifted level to assist you in removing blocks to your union and fully stabilising and aligning with your I am presence. This is done  through sharing specific vibrational attunements and unique fifth dimensional healing modalities…


with love


In closing We would like to share with you an article that is extremely resonant with our beloved channel, and in many ways accurately sums up the predominant energetics at these times....


please enjoy


An hour of power is upon us as th