January 1, 2016

Twin flame energy report..........Post Christ-Mass energetics...clean up operation


Dearest beloveds,

We come forth now with a tale to tell and an ancient song to sing, we come forth with sacred tidings from the finer more subtle planes of existence, inspired and overjoyed that the timeline before us has decreed this fortuitous disclosure. These messages come from the living heart of the unified Christ and Magdalene flame, and as such have been ordained, at these times, to come forward because you, most precious beloved children of gaia are all ready to receive this joyful news. The joyful news that we speak of is that each and every one of you have triumphantly cleared  profoundly vast residues of accumulated false ancestral templates from your energy fields, that many of you now stand ready, and on the cusp of the greatest fairytale ever to grace this earth.


Indeed it is you beloved ones whom we speak to tonight who are the ones who have done everything in your spiritual power to get to this place of Now, whereby you are truly allowing yourself to accept the gift Mother Father God laid before you, and that is your eternal salvation………….. which comes from the realisation of the alchemical union of you and your beloved twin flame on the inner and outer planes of consciousness.


Salvation lies in the knowing that you are already saved through God's love, through the love of the eternal presence within you, and thus now you can truly claim that your search is finally over. There is no place to ever reach to accept here and now, and in this moment we come forth to mirror to you, the sacred work you have achieved, that has got you to this moment which is the epicentre of all co-creation.  


Beloveds, we are so  encouraged with all of your progress particularly through the recent solstice and  Christ-mass energetics, many of you will have experienced this as a rather tumultuous wave permeating and transforming some of the most deepest darkest aspects of your psyche, (particularly with regards to certain karmic connections) however, we are overjoyed to share, that this cleansing has raised many of your vibrations exponentially, and you will be feeling and noticing this right now. This is manifesting for many of you as the veil between your third dimensional consciousness and higher dimensional consciousness becoming less and less apparent to you every day. this is also manifesting as an experience of greater humour in your lives, and this is due to their being less of a filter between your true self and your earthly identity.


The changes are subtle for some, and extremely obvious for others…. when great humour comes into your reality it is very much a sign that you are in alignment with your multidimensional avatar self, as this aspect of your eternal being is unbelievably intelligent and has impeccable comedic timing, thus, when you find yourself being more and more in that frequency range this is a sure sign you are very much on track with your highest Ascension timeline/twin flame Union.


Beloveds there is so much we wish to share and so much we wish to deeply applaud you for. Have you any idea how brave you are, each and every one of you….  you, who had the courage to come forth and wear  these temporary earthly Garms, these garments that have been entrapped in the illusory matrix of separation……. to have got to where you are right now, has been the greatest challenge, you as a soul have ever known………... Please for one moment see yourselves as we see you, as the sacred golden children of Mother Father God in all your glorious imperfection and sublime quest for that which has never ever left your side.


You are all doing so well……………..


With regards to the illumined twin flame union trajectory, preparation for your twin is still occurring for many, but now many of you are very much moving into cleaning up the physical realm of your reality with regards to eliminating any poisonous or toxic substances from your daily habitual life. Dearest ones, we would like to speak a moment about this…... for many of you Blue Rays, due to your heightened sensitivity and deeply empathic nature there has been a propensity towards seeking towards external substances to cope with existing on this somewhat challenging physical Dimension….. beloveds we love you and do not pass any judgement over any of you who have sought comfort from external substances, as we truly empathise with how chronically challenging for many of you, life on earth truly has been,our intention today in this message is to bring forth a gentle reminder to you of the necessity before you completely release a destructive habit,  to deeply stand under yourself, and offer yourself the compassion and the holding that you truly need, that, that part of you, may be seen, met and ultimately alchemised, and bought back home.


Self love is always the key to all spiritual evolution, when you have offered yourself the compassion you truly deserve and the unconditional love you truly deserve, then it is appropriate to seek support on releasing the physical aspect of the habit…..


These times are calling for twin flames to be impeccably clean on all levels of there being, physical, emotional, mental spiritual etheric and astral... Please know dear ones, that we your guides have been trained to specifically work with assisting you to release destructive habits, ask us to make it easeful and graceful for you, but most importantly please know that you are more held and more supported in ways that truly your 3d consciousness could ever comprehend….. The whole entire universe is supporting your union with your beloved twin flame, all of the stars are aligned now, and a few final pieces of the puzzle are now strategically being placed…..


We promise you 2016 is the year of en masse twin flame recognition, reunion, and earthly marriage, we from the higher dimensions see these timelines before you, as do many of you, when you allow yourself to believe in the love story that you carry in your precious sacred heart…

These timelines are extremely stable now and many of you are gliding gracefully into full Awakened Multidimensional union with your beloved twin flame on all planes of consciousness..

Twin Flame Energy Report...The power of your consciousness

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high in this moment of now, where all the timelines have decreed we come forward to share some insights with you particularly regarding the energetics that are guiding the illumined twin flames towards their inevitable reunion, indeed it is a great phenomenon that we come forth now, as your higher self has ordained this potent and important disclosure.


Beloveds for many of you it is still appropriate for you to work individually with your and your beloved twin flames timeline of Atlantis in order to bring healing, restoration completion and most importantly forgiveness to this timeline for the discordant dramatics that took place at that time.

Many of you are still very much living out the trauma of the split that you experienced during this time which in this lifetime very often manifests as the male twin flame running away when the exquisite frequency of the potentiality of the true twin flame is exposed. The male twin flames running is very often linked with a feeling of profound grief and guilt which is triggered and activated by the unconditionally loving presence of the female twin. in many ways the memory of the union is almost too beautiful, and the cellular memories of the abandonment during the time of Atlantis are enough to make many male twin flames want to seek a more easier and light hearted connection with someone who doesn't trigger them as much.


Beloveds you must know that the ascended masters and the universe at large are wholeheartedly supporting your triumphant union with your twin flame, and therefore it is imperative for you female twins to stay calm and trusting with a stable view of the higher perspective with regards to any actions your male twin flame is making at the moment. The male twin flames already know on a deep unconscious level that if they have met you and encountered you in 3D in this lifetime, then this means that the union is on…... and there is no force on earth that can stop this from manifesting.


Therefore once again we come to the point we so often make, and that is a reminder to you that you are the high king and queen that sits on the throne, unperturbed, simply watching all phenomena displaying before you. Your role is to be anchored to that Calm, still, silent place within you, that knows that your salvation and redemption has never ever ever been anywhere outside of yourself …...this moment offers you the privilege to step forward and claim your birthright as the one who watches and observes, offering a profound acceptance and spaciousness to all phenomena as it arises.


At this point, it is important for us to also remind you that successful twin flame union wholeheartedly depends on your response to life. For many who are entrapped in the 3D Paradigm  consciousness experience their response to life is very often of one who has an empty cup, and meets and greets all who come into contact with them with a desperate hope that this time, or  this person may fill their cup….  Beloveds this attitude is what keeps you imprisoned in the Samsaric realm of eternal lack, as a truly awakened person has remembered and remembers daily that her enlightenment, her happiness, her wholeness, and completion, are based on her own free will choice. This is one who approaches life vibrationally as what can I give and how can I serve….. When one has reached this epiphany there will be the stark reality that mother father God is not going to manifest before your very eyes one day to grant all of your wishes,  as you are in fact the embodiment of mother father God herself so you may as well start getting on with living as that.


Beloveds we hope our message is succinct and stimulating for you, ever reminding you of how unbelievably powerful you are. Your happiness is your responsibility, and for it to be genuine it has to be unconditional and not dependent on external circumstances.


Now, during these times  humanity as a collective is stepping into a higher and greater ascension vibration, therefore it is appropriate for us to bring up the discussion of the power your consciousness truly possesses. We are sure many of you are aware of the number of people who have cured themselves of all manner of disease through the placebo effect, through the use of a simple sugar pill, these medicines were administered via doctors who assured them of their potency and the patients themselves convinced themselves of this, and there is case upon case upon case to prove that these people cured themselves solely through the power of their own imagination.


It has long been kept hidden from you the extraordinary Magus and might you each possess……….. to control and manipulate matter and facilitate all manner of miracles simply through a thought which then turns into a belief………………... we share this with you today to inspire you to remember that there is no limit to what your consciousness can create, if you can conceive it and imagine it then we tell you wholeheartedly it can manifest. As in reality you are glimpsing the Divine blueprint of that manifestation that exists on the higher more subtle planes of reality….


You are all so powerful, you can reverse the ageing process, heal yourselves of all disease, remove scars from your physical body, and wrinkles from your face…….all through the power of your mind.


Beloveds now is the time to truly awaken to the enormous power you each have two govern the realm of matter. We bow to you most illuminated christed ones…………….. thanking you for showing up in this moment to receive this sacred transmission….. Please know that you are loved, and you are blessed, now is the time to begin activating the powers of your imaginal faculties to bring forth the Paradigm of Eden into this Blessed  earthly plane.


Please know that we your guides are ever available to serve you in always. We pray these words have activated any slumbering Ascension codes that have hitherto laid dormant in your pineal gland pituitary gland and thymus gland also known as the higher heart center…….


Remember you are the ones who stepped forward to be born during these times…. You Star seeded ones from some of the furthest reaches of the Galaxy, you stepped forward because you had the necessary skills and tools that would assist Gaia and her children in her full planetary Ascension…...


We send forth these words to you….. bless you oh Star Seeded ones…….. you are not alone and we hear your calls in the depths of the night for your star family your soul tribe…...


Well beloveds you are the very ones everyone has been waiting for…….. you in all your glory and all your imperfect perfection………………………..


be you beloveds, and generate and radiate the light of your Christed self….purely and simply because you can


In love and service

white wolf tribe