Twin flame energy report.....important preparation for Solar eclipse

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high in this most auspicious moment of now, whereby spirit has decreed we come Forth to offer you some clarity and perspective with regards to the collective evolution of the group that is known as the Blu-ray illumined twin flames. Indeed this is a most wondrous moment as we have some vital information to share with many of you, information that is predestined to set you very much on the path of your highest and greatest becoming and well-being at this point within the Earth's Ascension trajectory and Gaia’s ever deepening alignment with the heart of the Photon belt belt.

2016 thus far has been extremely intense for many of you light workers, and in many ways makes 2015 seem like a walk in the park so to speak…. however all this is in alignment with the plan of the Great Elohim and the highest ascended Masters Of Light whom mother Father God has decreed to oversee and indeed caretake this particular part of the Ascension timeline for Gaia.

Many of you will be aware that the North Node changed from the sign of Libra to the sign of Virgo in november 2015, and with this transition it was decreed by the great council of light that twin flames and light workers would be encouraged and indeed supported to implement great and neccesary changes in the area of their physical health and well-being. Many of you twin flames have had a number of ongoing challenges in the area of your physical health systems for quite some time now, and this is, very often a reflection in most cases, of the core ancestral patterns that you have come forth to clear and transmute.

This transition with the North node has deemed it extremely necessary for many of you to once and for all bring total healing and completion to these ongoing health issues, and the primary way to do this is through the elimination of all toxic habits from your daily life... here we are referring to smoking tobacco, cannabis, drinking alcohol, and consuming in an addictive way... pharmaceutical and recreational drugs. This time period is very much calling for your physical systems to be thoroughly cleared out and alkalized and the first step in this alkalization process is in the Elimination of any poisonous habits

The next stage in the alkalisation process is the necessity to implement a regime of fasting for at least one day a week in order to give your digestive systems a rest that they may come up to speed so to speak in the process of eliminating harmful toxins from the physical body…... we also highly advise you to implement a high-level alkaline diet into your daily life, we encourage the consumption of foods such as green leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach, alfalfa sprouts, sesame seeds and oil and flaxseed oil, radishes, and peppers to name but a few….. your great Internet search engines will guide you to the most alkalizing foods for your bodies and beloveds please understand that now truly is the time to start implementing these lifestyle choices. we also highly recommend beginning your day with a lukewarm glass of organic lemon juice mixed with filtered spring water.

The energy of the solar eclipse on 8th/9th of March is an extremely Potent time for many of you light workers, and indeed it is a full system reboot for many many of you, therefore, the implementation of a more alkalizing nutritional program is guaranteed to support this reboot and recalibration in the most efficient way. The solar eclipse also happens around the time of the Hindu festival of shivaratri which is the night in the Hindu religion where Lord Shiva marries His Divine consort Parvattii

This is a highly auspicious date for A solar eclipse to occur on and is an indication from our creator mother Father God that this is an extremely important time for illumined twin flames.

Many many of you are experiencing the energy of the snake right now and like the snake we see many of you being supported in unprecedented ways by your spirit guides, to shed skins that no longer serve you and where you are going on an energetic and cellular level in the coming months and years. We understand that this can be scary for you, even you seasoned light workers, as there is always the energy of death and rebirth afoot at the time of skin shedding, however we encourage you to deeply trust in your body's infinite Wisdom, it knows what it is doing, and all that is being shed now is truly the false 3D matrix programming that you have all bought into and inherited on some level.

So please trust this process, and again we strongly advise you to place the majority of your attention on the aspects of your health and life that are functioning optimally and use the awesome power of Your Mind consciousness to only exert positive thoughts towards your emotional and physical vessels at this time.

Within the twin flame community there are many many of you who are married to someone who is not your twin flame or are in situations where buy your twin flame is in another marriage. although this can seem extremely messy to you from your 3d perspective, there is of course divine order in all the situations you find your selves in. Part of the twin flame template brings forth the necessity to become a living master of communication and transparency in all your relationships, and for many of you, your husband and wife are actually the Divine Gatekeepers who are offering you an opportunity to master this particular initiation.

Spiritually these spouces are on your team and are infact extremely supportive of true bonafide twin flame unions, and they have advocated to step forth to assist you in learning to be impeccable around your heart based honesty communication and transparency. This is a fundamental lesson that all twin flames must master in order to be in successful unions with the true consort of their soul, and we invite you to reach into the deepest depths of your being to access the bravery, courage, empathy, intelligence, sensitivity and compassion to have these conversations with the ones who you are in a relationship with who are not your twin flame.

We hope we have explained this important lesson succinctly…. whatever situation you find yourself in at this point in your evolutionary trajectory please know that your higher self and spirit guides are working with you in unprecedented ways, holding your hand and supporting you to have the necessary breakthroughs that are required for successful and triumphant twin flame Union. And it is very very important that you understand that.

Twin flames, starseeds and light workers, the time has come to truly let go of all toxic poisonous patterns and habits to become the Living examples and role models of spiritual mastery that Gaia needs you to be. Now is the time to truly let go of all teenage habits and become adept at demonstrating spiritual maturity in all areas of your life.

We Know how deeply resonant these words are for many of you and this report is in many ways the kick up the backside that many of you have been calling for. We cannot lay it out any clearer than this.

The time of the solar eclipse in 18 degrees of Pisces will see an orchestration of unbelievable transformations for many of you, and like the Pieces on a chessboard you will all be placed in brand new positions, evermore succinctly, aligning you with your beloved twin flame…... but in order for this to happen in an unencumbered fashion you must do all the necessary preparation, particularly with regards to the restoring of your physical vessels to their optimal state of well being.

Expect deep shifts to occur for many many of you during these monumental times in your own personal evolution.

We understand That this has been an extremely high vibrational message and as ever please only take from this that and only that which resonates with the deepest knowing in your own heart.

Our Beloved channel is available to serve you if you feel called or drawn to have a personal one to one session with her, please know that in these sessions she opens up to Channel The Infinite wisdom from us her guides and she is able to, with deep efficacy tap into your own higher self wisdom to deliver you a tailor-made message or energy clearing to activate your wings, that you may sore ever higher into alignment with your own I am presence.


white wolf tribe

Twin flame energy report..........Brand New Beginnings......Full Solar Eclipse Portal

Dearest beloveds,

we are filled with such an overwhelming amount of Joy to be able to come through in this moment at this highly auspicious time of Maha ShivaRatri and on the dawn of this paradigm shifting solar eclipse. We have such wonderful news to share with you all, and sacred information that will assist you in profound ways as you keep moving forward with Grace upon your individual and collective ascension trajectories.

As we mentioned before, like all eclipses this eclipse is opening a fundamental door for many of you that hitherto has laid tightly shut, a door that heralds a brand new and invigorated emotional Dawn for you, our most precious and beloved lightworkers.

This eclipse is highly signifying the end of a chapter for many of you, particularly in the realms of the emotional stories that unbeknownst to your conscious mind, you have held onto very tightly. Stories about lack, stories about self sacrifice, stories that perpetuate this idea that you our most beloved lightworkers are not aligned with the frequency of generosity that ensures that you receive as openly and as freely as you all give.

This eclipse is a game changer, and we are very aware that many of you are deeply intuitively sensing this within your own innermost beings. You beloved light workers have been in many ways overly generous with your time and energy for a very long time now, and since January we can see that many of you have been feeling somewhat spiritually emotionally and energetically depleted, but glad tidings we bring forth today, and that is the message, that many of you are now waking up to exactly what has been depleting your energy Fields, and you are all remembering that your greatest duty to humanity is activated when you tend to and restore your own energy centres and energy fields. Please know this pattern of over exerting yourselves has now climaxed and we tell you with perspicacious knowing a brand new Dawn awaits you.

As you are addressing this fundamental issue please know you are doing everything in your power to cultivate the fertile soil for the flower of successful Union with your beloved twin flame to blossom, as he or she needs to be able to see the depths you are willing to go to to be your own greatest champion, your own greatest love, and your own greatest friend.

The energetics of the eclipse are complex and multifaceted but the main theme is New Beginnings. We see so many of you waking up to the fact that you have been perpetuating the energy of “holding on” in certain areas of your lives, and we sense your guides pushing you towards the realisation that “release” and “let go” is the only way for you to align with everything your heart and soul desires. To get to this place of completion and release is by no means easy for the ego self, there can be a lot of Fear and the need for control yet your own Awakening process is facilitating the complete necessity for you to once and for all acquiesce to the state of surrender and “let go” in order to allow the great great good your higher self is lining up for you.

Beloveds, we see so many of you fretting over the timelines of the full and complete merger with your beloved twin flame and of course from your human perspective we deeply empathize with you, however we wish to remind you that when you signed up to be in this successful Union with your beloved twin flame and put your hands up in front of mother Father God and volunteered to bring back this holy sacred divine template back to humanity, you agreed that nothing less than the attainment of your own spiritual mastery would suffice.

What does that mean? It means realising that the fears and doubts that you carry about this Union come from your ego identity or you could say you're frightened inner child, who really has no overview whatsoever on the vast perspective the higher self has.

It means taking his or her hand when she is being fearful and doubtful and tenderly comforting her and reminding her that she has not been forsaken, that her higher self knows exactly what it is doing and we'll deliver this Union in perfect timing.

It means having a spaciousness around these fearful thoughts and the spiritual maturity to empathize with the very core root of them,to know that if you intend something to happen in your heart, if you can see something in your imagination, and if you can give thanks for it before it arrives, then it is so…... it is already so…………. This is what we mean by attaining spiritual mastery.

You will all be tested, so pass these tests, believe and know that what your intuition tells you has already been decreed by the highest forces of light... this is your role here to demonstrate this knowing...then and only then do you activate the magnetic faculties in your electro magnetic circuitry to actually draw the very thing you intend unto your eternal keeping.

We hope and Pray this message is succinct and concise for you... we are here too deeply assist you and support you on your evolutionary journeys and we see such incredible magic and love in your timelines.

We know in the depths of your heart you also carries this all seeing, all knowing, sense of your destiny and our job is to enliven and and empower this knowing.

Beloveds you are all manifestations of the great God I am consciousness upon this sacred Earthly plane, there is no thing that is not possible for you, if you can conceive it in your imaginal faculties then you can create it in your third dimensional Realities.

Mighty co-creators you all are and this highly auspicious eclipse portal had been predestined to buffer up your angelic wings and take them to the next activated vibrational level.

If only you could see what we see…. how amazingly well you are all doing, how so many of you have heeded the message in our last channeling to clean up and purify your physically earthly vessels to support the eclipse energetics….please know this purification of the physical vessel is in profound alignment with regards to the preparation of your physical and emotional bodies to be in successful Union with your beloved twin flames, and many of you are on track, and so close now.

Rest deeply beloveds,

All is well

Stay calm

Keep smiling and keep saying thank you for all the incredible new beginnings this eclipse portal heralds.

We love you and you are so loved.

In deep service

White wolf tribe

Twin flame energy report....spring equinox gateway 2016

Dearest beloved's,

greetings o