July 1, 2016

14. Jul, 2016

Twin Flame Energy report.........Masculine Twin Flames are now awakening en masse


Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high in this most auspicious moment of now whereby spirit has decreed we come forth in this manner to share with you some pertinent and comforting insights regarding the current personal and collective twin flame timeline trajectory.

Great news we bring forth today particularly regarding the masculine twin flames, en masse who are experiencing a very powerful spiritual awakening…... Slowly but surely many masculine twin flames are beginning now to awaken from their long and deep slumber…...


The current energetics (and here we refer particularly to Mars beginning now its forward motion in the sky), are seeing many male twin flames begin to show an unmistakable interest in all things of spiritual nature. They are waking up to the definite possibility that they are in fact multi dimensional beings, and that the codes of the of the higher dimensions have always been tucked away and safely stored particularly in their pineal gland and in their higher heart centre.


They are showing themselves at this time to be attracted to many different types of meditation and yoga and are naturally engaging in conversations that are stimulating their thirst for spiritual truth and knowledge. All of this is wonderful news to behold as in many ways as we have discussed in our previous articles the masculine twin flames (who are not always in male bodies) have signed up to be what could be termed the matrix twins which means that they have contracted to entrench their consciousness rather more deeply into the third Dimension, and this has meant that  their awakening has not necessarily been easy for them. However the current energetics are witnessing a huge surge of the matrix twins awakening at this pivotal time in earth's collective ascension timeline.


Please know that the spiritual awakening of the masculine twin flames is its set to occur very very fast for them, and this is largely due to the monumental soul work their female counterparts have been engaging in since time immemorable. For every time a female twin reaches a new plateau of spiritual knowing and understanding, just like two spinning atoms that are intricately and intimately connected to each other, as one shifts and evolves so does the other. However in recent times this has been taking place very much on the unconscious plane for the male twin flames, and they're true spiritual vibration will have been apparent to them mainly in the dream time, with many reporting regular meetings with high angelic beings, and very frequently travelling to far off dimensions and engaging in conversations with powerful and wise interplanetary beings. However their spiritual awakening is now making its way rapidly into their 3D reality and this is a huge relief for many.


We would like to speak a moment about the twin flame template which is in fact the holiest and purest template that exists in creation. As we know the earth plane has within it the possibility of all manner of lower and higher dimensional realities, and for eons the ascended Masters and the architects of light have decreed it to be a very rare phenomena and that this particular template anchor onto the earthly plane.


This is due largely to the bombardment of the lower dimensional forces that have had somewhat of a free reign on this planet. However this has all changed now, and Gaia is in many ways out of  quarantine. Another way this could be expressed is that Gaia's aura has now been sufficiently sealed to allow the influence of the higher dimensional codes and new instructions to anchor safely within her bio electromagnetic field.


We are offering you a context as to why many of you are still experiencing physical separation from your beloved twin flame…. The twin flame template holds such an extremely high vibration it it has been very difficult for it to stabilize sufficiently into the energetic grid of Gaia, as it has required gaia's children to be of the identical resonance frequency to be the conduits of this template and this very simply has not been the case. This is due largely to the enormous amount of ancestral and past life clearing many of you have been engaged in throughout your life times and the fact that none of your societal institutions in any way reflect the pure angelic being that you truly are.


We have stated this since the beginning of our writings and it is appropriate for us to say this again, it is far better energetically for twin flames to be in physical separation if there are still residues of unconscious dark  programs that have not been sufficiently cleared and transmuted (by at least one of them). This is because if the twin flames come into physical proximity without having done this transmuting work, they will unconsciously project their unhealed shadow aspects onto their beloveds, and this will create an extremely powerful discordant energy within their own electromagnetic fields and nervous systems. This will also be detrimental for Gaia and her mission to stabilise back into her natural state of perpetual and abiding equilibrium. However this is not to say that your twin cannot hold a pure and unconditionally loving space for your shadow aspect, but this is only possible if the one holding the space has reached a milestone within their own evolutionary process to know that they are infact the witness of this aspect, the observer, and there is a pristine understanding that identification with these lower vibrations is the royal road to samsara...We hope this is clear for you…..


Twin flames are extremely powerful and highly evolved beings and all that we experience is exponentially magnified energetically, therefore our higher self decides that it is far better for the benefit of all to keep the twins in physical separation until these shadow unconscious projections are sufficiently bought home to the light by at least one of the twins.


What does it look like when this has occurred? When a twin flame is truly ready to be physically united with their beloved on the physical plane?...... There will be an abiding sense of deep calm that they will carry with them everywhere they go, all jealousy and fear and doubt will be a distant memory of the past, and one will be very much committed to having the most exceptionally fulfilling life whether they are with their twin physically or not. There will be blessings sent forth if it comes to their attention that their twin is engaging in a soulmate contract and there will be a feeling of being happy for their twin if  this is the case. For one who is truly ready to be with their beloveds has no doubt that their union is tightly sealed in the vaults of the Akashic records, and is guarded over safely by Mother Father God...the great Elohim………. There is zero fear and zero doubt about the union and there is a deep and all pervading trust in the timing with which the Union will be manifest on the physical plane, there will also be zero neediness, attachments and hooks coming forth from your energy field towards your twin, all there will be is the feeling of the most expanded freedom that you have ever known.


We have so much to share with you as ever beloveds, and would like to take this opportunity to invite you onto the next webinar our beloved channel has been guided to facilitate on 30 July 2015. In this webinar we will be discussing many pertinent aspects of the twin flame journey which will enable you to receive the 5d codes that are your destiny that you may become the living magnets for your full twin flame union…(please see below for all the details, and how to book)



We are so excited to share this powerful and very sacred work with you and it is our destiny to serve in this way our presence as ever will be felt on the call, as we were in the last call, where we sent a prolific number of Orbs to let all the attendees feel and see our presence.

Also please feel free to reach out to our beloved channel also for a one-to-one session with her the details of how to book are below. We are witnessing the most incredible miracles occurring in the timelines of all who come forward to engage in this sacred work we will be back soon with more heartfelt messages and truths to share.

In love and service

Jen and the White Wolf tribe


21. Jul, 2016


Twin Flame Energy report...... 8/8 portal imminent... Masculine Counterparts Are Now Activating


Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high in this most wondrous moment of now, whereby spirit has decreed we come forth in this manner to offer you some guidance from the higher dimensional realms of consciousness with regards to the collective evolutionary trajectory of the group of souls that are known as the Blu-ray illumined twin flames. As we stated in our last offering, the male twins are experiencing a profound upgrade at the moment, and this is being targeted particularly at their Pineal centres, which are currently releasing predestined codes that have been set to be activated during these times.

We are currently in the timeline between the summer solstice of 2016 and the 8/8 Lionsgate portal. Every year since 2012 during the time of the 8/8 Lionsgate portal, the earth aligns ever more succinctly with the central current of the photon belt. The photon Belt is a band of light which contains within it what you may term God particles. As earth aligns ever more succinctly with the photon belt, humanity aligns with, and receives the codes that are stored within these God particles. These god particles hold an intelligence that communicates directly to the dormant DNA strands, which are in fact the illumined Christed DNA strands, beckoning them to switch on, activate, and then flood the initiate's consciousness with the higher dimensional reality of the Christed self.

This is what is occurring now in earnest, particularly for the masculine counterparts within the twin flame units on the earthly plane. Many of you will be noticing this as an urge from your twins to engage in all manner of spiritual conversation and to surround themselves in the serene vibration of their inner self. As we stated in our last offering many male twins are being particularly drawn to meditation at the moment and are endeavouring to make a commitment to this powerful spiritual discipline. This is a wondrous news for the collective consciousness and especially for the feminine counterparts who have been actively engaged with the reality of living an extremely spiritual existence for some time now.

The twin flame template is still anchoring fully into the higher third dimension at the moment, it has already anchored fully and successfully on the fourth dimensional plane and of course the fifth dimensional plane, but humanity's consciousness must be at a level to be in resonance to the template in order for it to fully anchor on the third dimension.

With the male twin's current awakening happening, this is deeply supporting its anchoring into the higher 3D planes, however there are still a number of shifts that need to take place particularly in the male twins timelines that will support the full anchoring of the template into the higher third Dimension. This anchoring is facilitated by the twins knowing that despite whatever the appearances on the 3D plane the union is fully sealed in the fifth dimension.

However as one gets closer to physical union with their beloveds these tests will become ever more acute and challenging, but beloveds remember all they are is simply a test from your higher self to see whether you are vibrationally attuned with your hearts desires and prayers. If there are still pockets of doubt and fear within your energetic body these will be being brought to the surface at the moment and will be manifesting for many as physical ailments, which are a reflection of theses deep unconscious blocks. For others this will be manifest through emotional challenges in your close relationships. However all these are tests from your higher self to see if you can hold the vibrational tone of your union despite what is occurring on the third Dimension. As the tests increase in intensity, this is simply a reflection of how close you are to standing fully in the master patterning that you have come here to exemplify. and please know that all the grace that you display during these times will serve you and your ancestral line and the collective consciousness of gaia, in ways it is not possible for you to consciously comprehend at this time.

It is our job to be a vibrational match for our union to manifest. ask and it is given means that all that we pray for has already been granted to us, we just need to match the vibrational tone of that desire and then it will seemingly miraculously manifest in our reality. A huge part of the law of attraction that many teachers do not remind us of enough, is that very often it is our unconscious belief systems that send out our Tone to the universe, and 3D reality will always reflect that.

At this stage in our evolution it is all of our responsibility to shine a huge light on our unconscious belief system and remember that at their core, beliefs are simply thoughts and ideas that we have been choosing albeit unconsciously, and it is our duty to question these unconscious ideas we are believing and create a new conscious belief system which accurately reflects us coming into alignment with our hearts prayers and desires.

Some examples of these beliefs are as follows: unconsciously many female twins have a core belief in abandonment so our beliefs on this are "I am always abandoned" or "I am always unlucky in love relationships" this is a core belief that for many female twins stems from the lifetime of Atlantis whereby en masse many of us (for the first time in our existence) experienced abandonment and separation from our beloved masculine counterparts. However to keep allowing this belief to run our realities is a free will choice that we have been granted,

It would be far wiser and in alignment with our actual destiny to be aware of this deep unconscious belief and to state clearly to our DNA/our higher self that "at this moment of now I choose to believe that I am w