Twin flame energy report... 7/7/7 portal...all systems upgrade....unification time for twin flames

Dearest beloveds

Greetings of the most high in this most dearest and most auspicious moment of post new moon and now the 7/7/7 portal….Spirit has decreed that we come through now in this way to offer you some insights. some Wisdom and some clarity on this ever perpetuating cycle of shedding and expanding…...

Earth and all her children are now very much in The Thick of an extremely powerful oversoul dispensation which has been instructed to infuse gaia with an unprecedented level of gamma rays and Photon light…. These upgrades are affecting all of us and are building in intensity up to and beyond the lion's gate portal of 8/8/8……..many are reporting the need to sleep deeply and for longer periods during these times and this is due to the intensity of the current gamma ray infusion and the somewhat dense physical system’s Ability to integrate these light particles.

The recent crop circles have been informing us of the huge galactic work and transformation that is subsuming Gaia currently and many of the recent circles are very much connected to the Unicorn gateway… the unicorn gateway is an extremely potent timeline that serves to transform and liberate the unicorn from her man made chains