2. Sep, 2016

Twin Flame energy report.....9/9/9 preperation..........Mass Twin Flame Reunion Imminent

Namaste dearest beloveds.

We come through in this moment of now to offer you some insights into the current energetics that are subsuming Gaia as we speak…... Dearest hearts, hold tight, for all of creation are on the verge of receiving an extremely significant upgrade in your DNA patterning……. this refers to you, to the flowers trees and mother father God's beloved animal kingdom…... This ascension trajectory is on, and at this conjecture there is no turning back. This moment can be likened to the second the bungee jumper jumps off the cliff, at that moment there is no turning back neither is there the possibility to backtrack.

So beloveds we invite you to say yes to everything that is presenting as a divine mirror in your reality at the moment.

For many of you who have been firmly committed to their personal ascension trajectory please know that we are in the gateway whereby there are set to be huge monumental shifts in your own personal timelines up until and throughout this eclipse season and the long prophesied alignment with the 9/9/9 portal.

Many star seeds have come through a phase of extremely powerful alchemy and integration with regards to their own shadow aspects in the last few weeks... This recent alchemical marriage of that which you could term the darkness and light within you has brought with it profound instruct