November 30, 2016

22. Nov, 2016

Twin Flame Energy report.....False twins and the 12:12 gateway



Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high, we come forth in this moment on wings of great clarity, in the aftermath of the full super moon in Taurus and 11 days after the extremely powerful ascension activation date of the 11:11 gateway.

So much has shifted beloveds, so much has transformed and is transforming on a deep soulullar level for many of you whom we speak to tonight.


So many of you gathered in ascension groups during the 11:11 gateway. acting as the ushers in, of the great light dispensation that was activated on that day.


We bow to you dearest earthly angelic ones. Your wisdom, tenacity, and presence knows no bounds, and your impeccable alignment with your higher self is that which has activated and empowered this brand-new timeline which is deeply connected to the alignment with the year 2017 which numerologically correlates to the number One, and pertains to profound new beginnings for many of you.


The last nine years have witnessed many on the frontline of this current planetary ascension immersed in periods of solitariness. This has been necessary, as being the front line ascension pioneers, there has been much wounding and soul damage that has needed to be healed in your personal energy fields……...Please know that  these periods of aloneness have been a powerful blessing, and have given you the space to clean out, on a very deep level, the old false dark programs that have been enforced upon you by your deeply spiritually misaligned societies.

Beloveds all this is about to shift very significantly for those of you whom we speak to tonight and we are overjoyed to share this. In this nine year period that we speak of, we observe that many of you front line ascension pioneers have finally united with your soul groups and tribes, whom spirit has decreed you join with, in order to intermingle your frequencies and intentions in order to usher in the new golden age.


This is a huge shift beloveds, as these groups are an intensely important part of the higher plan to deliver the depth of soul healing and recalibration that is required in order to successfully unite with your beloved twin flame in this lifetime on all planes of consciousness. Indeed the potency of these groups that we speak about have become living 5d ascension hubs which are deeply magnetising many many twin flames to finally Unite on the physical plane


This is such a wondrous message that we bring forth beloveds, as it has been so challenging for many of you to bring in the level of transformation that is required for you on an individual level to unite with your twin flame on all planes of consciousness, whilst you have been aligning with the vibration of the lone wolf.


So dear ones, please keep coming together in these powerful awakened planetary master groups, where you will be seen, held and acknowledged as the divine avatar being that you have always been.  .


Dear ones it is highly essential at this conjecture that we discuss the important subject matter of false twins who are also known as near twins and catalyst twins, (please know this is a vast topic which we can only hope to cover certain aspects of, during our time together).  


This time period that we are currently in is seeing the completion enmass of many many in the twin flame community who have been involved in connections with their false twins, we would like to inform you that this specific current energetic gateway can no longer support the illusion anymore that these near twins are your genuine twin flames….... Please know that that which we wish to share with you is destined to bring great clarity to many of you, enabling you to finally and completely release these soulmates in order to be available to allow your genuine bonafide twin flame to enter your life.

Beloveds, within a soul group configuration, there exists 144 individual souls who are comprised of 72 twin flame pairs…… and your identical vibrational match make up one of those 72 pairs. At the right side of your beloved twin there stands a soul who is almost vibrationally identical to your twin flame, sharing many of the same indistinguishable characteristics and gifts as your genuine twin,  indeed dear ones, you have travelled as beloveds in many many past lifetimes together, and are deeply familiar and resonant to each other on a soul level…..


A very accurate way to describe this phenomenon for you is that this soul is in fact your near twin….. Please understand that many many on the twin flame path encounter this soul mate at some stage in your souls journey on earth, one common aspects of this soul connection is that these near twins are able to tap into the vibrational resonance of your true twin and often times siphon of the energy of the bonafide twin keeping you very much hooked into the illusion that they are your genuine counterparts.


The signs and synchronicities surrounding your connection with your near twin can be just as prolific as with your genuine twin, but  a sure sign that they are your false twin is that the connection is riddled with suffering……..a very deep soul suffering. Often times in these connections you will experience more rejection and abandonment and in many cases psychological and emotional abuse than you truly can bare,and this in itself is a sure sign that these beings are not your genuine bonafide twin flames…..your genuine twin  would never seek to cause you the level of suffering that exists between false twins….


It is important at this conjecture to remind you that one of the main reasons false twins meet up in each lifetime, is to act as catalysts in order to catapult you onto your spiritual awakening path, and for this, these connections are extraordinarily adept. One of the main reasons for this is to prepares the initiate on many levels, to unite with their true twin when divine timing decrees this to take place……..


Your genuine twin flame would never seek to cause you the level of suffering that a false twin connection evokes, and indeed the quality of the connection between you and your genuine twin will be such that from the very first instance of recognition, there will be a silence and safety between you that neither of you will have ever experienced before.



On a positive note, in this gateway, for those of you who finally clear these false twins from your energy field, there will be a very swift alignment with your genuine twin flame who is standing in the wings patiently awaiting your false twin to exit the stage, as please know your true twin cannot enter until the energy of the false twin has been fully cleared. Beloveds as ever these are deeply complex matters of the soul that we speak about and we urge you to use your own discernment to align with what resonates as the deepest truth for you. You are the living awakened master who has come forth to plant the seed of the fifth dimension into this 3D reality, only you can truly know if the one who stands before you is your genuine twin or not.


Assistance and support is available for you, and if this resonates for you, you are invited to come forward for a one to one session with our beloved channel, she willbe able to assist you personally to clarify if the one who stands before you is indeed your false twin or not, and you will receive extremely powerful soul support to cut all the cords with this false twin if this is indeed the case.


We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that our beloved channel will be hosting her next webinar transmission on the very powerful 12:12 activation gateway. In this transmission we are being called to come together as an awakened master circle, to activate the 12 strand DNA helix  into our personal energy fields and into the third dimensional earth matrix field.

This group that we have been referring to throughout this written transmission has already done  huge work in clearing collectively and personally many of the dark programs that have kept humanity entrenched in ego identification, and this has cleared the path for this next activation. Beloveds this is essential for Gaia's evolution, as the 12 strand DNA helix pattern pertains to the living truth of the full actualisation of Mother Father Gods holy children.


Once activated personally and collectively, the human DNA will come into alignment with the ascension codes that activate full multidimensional awareness, time travel, levitation. full immersion in God consciousness, Siddhi powers, access to the Akashic records and much much more.


You are invited to join this master circle to activate these codes fully within your own being and serve humanity on a very deep level as these codes are switched back on in the collective consciousness field.


During this 12:12 transmission we are also being guided to work again with the consciousness of the masculine polarity twin flame counterparts, to activate in their frontal cortex the memory codes of full recognition that the one who stands before them is in fact their eternal beloved twin flame, Within the Twin flame community there are still many many divine masculine counterparts who have not aligned with this recognition, and please know beloveds this is essential for the current 5d Ascension trajectory, for it is only when each twin comes into recognition of its divine counterpart that the kundalini awakening and a full ascension of the initiate's consciousness can take place. So we urge you,  if you are in contact with your twin but they are unable to identify you as their eternal divine counterpart, please come forward to take part in this deeply important 12:12 activation transmission…….


Dear ones as we have discussed many times, the masculine polarity counterparts have issued forth a call out to the collective that they need support to activate their full awakening which can only come into alignment when they recognize that the one who stands before them is in fact their beloved twin flame.


We have covered much in these sacred writings, please note there is high calibre soul support and guidance available for you on this majestic and somewhat challenging twin flame path. Please reach out to our beloved channel for one-to-one support if you feel this would be beneficial, and please join our master circle on the 12:12 gateway whereby you will receive an impeccable level of deep soul support in ushering in the full glory of your twin flame union on all planes of consciousness. These groups are bearing witness to truly mind blowing miraculous reunions and recognitions in genuine twin flame partnerships, as the group consciousness creates a potent fourth dimensional manifestation field that very very swiftly initiates lasting transformation and alignment in the individual members energetic field.


Please remember you are loved, you are held, and you are seen…..

All is well beloveds……..please reach out to receive the level of soul support you deserve………

As we have said before, the time for the Lonewolf is no more…..

Aloha blessed be


in love and eternal light

Jenji and the white wolf tribe….



28. Nov, 2016



28. Nov, 2016

Twin flame energy report 12:12 Twin flame recognition codes and False Twins Continued........


Dearest beloveds


Greetings of the most high, we observe that we have caused quite a stir in the twin flame community as a result of our last sacred written transmission, our beloved channel has received many many requests from you all for 1 to 1 sessions, in order to assist you to bring clarification with regards to the very important subject matter of false twins also knows as catalyst twins.

It gives us peice of mind to witness this, as was stated in our last article, now indeed is the time for this illusionary bubble to finally be burst with regards to the issue of whether the one who stands before you is a near/catalyst twin, or is indeed your genuine bona fide counterpart.


We understand how deeply challenging this relationship has been for many of you, indeed our beloved channel was involved in a false twin connection for 10 years of her life, and she more than anyone, understands deeply and intricately how powerful this connection is, and how challenging it is, to break free of the cords of unhealthy attachment that very often arise from this type of soul connection.


Indeed this is a most accurate way to articulate and ascertain whether the one who stands before you is in fact a genuine twin flame or a catalyst twin, as in almost 100% of cases with false twins there is an extremely powerful attachment to this person, and often times an oceanic desperation to be reunited with them, accompanied by a belief that your very life is unsustainable or impossible to live unless you are united on the physical plane with this person.


This is in vast contrast to the energetics that exist between genuine twins, whereby the very core foundation of this soul connection is freedom and non-attachment. Within these connections there is such a powerful alignment with unconditional love, which truly seeks nothing from the other, all that is desired is for the other is to be happy, content at peace and deeply aligned with their divinity, regardless of whether they are physically by your side or not. There is a profound feeling of spaciousness and trust with regards to the genuine twin flame and indeed this is a sure sign of the bonafide nature o