January 1, 2017

30. Dec, 2016

Twin Flame Energy report.....Profound blessings in store for 2017 for illumined twin flames


Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high in this most highly auspicious of celestial gateways, the time of the Gregorian new year. We have much to share with you as ever beloveds - namely the large increase of gamma ray activity that is currently subsuming and bombarding Gaia as we speak.


For many of you, this is manifesting as a revisit to the dark night of the soul whereby so much that you had believed to have entirely cleared from your energetic system is being restimulated at this time, that you may utilise all the profound insights you have attained up to this point to swiftly move through this layer of the metaphorical onion.


Please know that if you resonate with these words of love, then great tidings lie before you in the year of 2017, as this intensification of gamma ray activity compounded and indeed accentuated by the fact that Mercury is appearing to be a retrograde from your earthly perspective, is a highly auspicious omen for the frontline Ascension Pioneers.


Beloveds you are wholeheartedly encouraged to dig deep into your spiritual/ascension toolbox at this time, We urge you to remember the importance of walking barefoot on the earth, as the earth frequency draws down the ascension symptoms that are triggered from the gamma rays, and can be then pulled down by mother Gaia to be utilised in a highly resourceful manner by her.


If you do not do this beloveds, then this can cause your energetic system to short circuit leaving you with a greater experience of intense purging symptoms.


We strongly advise you at this time to be out in nature as much as possible as the frequency of nature is extremely comforting and soothing for the soul and can actually reset your energetic system.


Open your palms to receive the support that is available to you, reach out to a trusted soul brother or sister on the Ascension path or treat yourself to a one-to-one session with an awakened twin flame ascension coach.


Beloveds it is also so important that we remind you if you have not done so already to go out and purchase for yourself a brand-new gratitude journal, and every day write out a stream of consciousness focusing on all the things in your life you are grateful for. During this intense gamma ray activity whereby very old issues are being triggered and restimulated again, it is essential for your well being that you heed this advice.


Our wisdom comes directly from the core of the living awakened heart consciousness that you are, and has come forth to assist all of you who are on the fast track to physical twin flame union.


Dear ones at this conjecture it is imperative that we inform you that extremely important work was achieved by highly awakened ascension groups during the 12:12 - solstice gateway.  Please know that the Ascension template dropped triumphantly into the 3D consciousness along with the Yeshua and Magdalene divine union template.


Please know that the masterful activations by the aformentioned light group  succesfully opened the portal to the sixth dimensional field of consciousness, whereby the marriage ceremony to the bona fide twin flame divine counterpart is eternally taking place, and this is inextricably linked to the grounding of the higher dimensional codes which are now in earnest anchoring into the third dimensional grid.


The diamond light code dispensation opened a portal enabling the 6d codes to fully drop in and anchor, and in this anchoring this triggered the 3D matrix field to come into alignment with the higher ascended twin flame divine union template, activating a full remembrance and embodiment upon the 3rd dimensional realm of consciousness that “I am” the return of the yeshua and Magdalene  divine union template.


The diamond code light dispensation triggered an opening of the seal which had kept the 6d realm somewhat veiled from the lower dimensional realms, however a certain vibratory pitch was attained during the 1212 solstice gateway and this light dispensation has activated an anchoring into the third dimensional field of the living truth that the Christ and Magdalene divine union template has succesfully returned to the 3rd dimension.


In this remembrance the search is no more, there is simply the acknowledgement that the divine masculine and feminine within the self are eternally meeting, merging and dancing in recognition and celebration.


It is time for many bona fide twin flames to come into full physical union, it has been decreed by the holiest of holies, but please know it is imperative that all imposters must truly exit the stage as the true twin cannot enter  from beyond the wings until the stage is entirely clear.


Beloveds union is the order of the day for many in the twin flame community as the 6d codes are extremely powerful and all pervading and inextricably interlinked to how timelines unfold in the third dimension.


The energetic intensity is still building currently, bringing up all that is not in alignment with the christed being you have always been.


Dear ones we would like to take this opportunity to say Welcome home…... this moment is truly it, Your ego will have powerfully persuaded you that you need something outside of yourself to be complete, however nothing could be further from the truth… In truth all u have ever sought is your own divine presence, so gift yourself with that deep knowing right now… all is well, you are home, you are the alpha and omega, the beginning and there really is no end…….……


We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that our beloved channel has been guided to facilitate a 6 week intensive course/journey with a maximum of 12 illumined twin flames entitled “The fast track to physical union “……..on this journey you are invited to enter a high vibrational group setting that will offer you very deep support on a soul level to clear yourself energetically and prepare yourself vibrationally to finally and completely after aeons of physical separation come into physical union with your beloved vibrational counterpart…..


This is the fast track beloveds and not for the faint hearted, you will meet your shadow like never before, and experience a profound integration of the darkness and light in your inner most being, which will activate the hieros gamos, the inner alchemical marriage of the divine masculine and feminine energies within you, catalysing a full spiritual awakening, and a stabilizing in 5d consciousness……...All of this will take place in an extremely pure and high vibrational enlightened group setting,

when humans come together in groups we exponentially empower the healing of all participants on a very deep level…..

Please see below for the full details…

Namaste in love and light

Jenji and the white wolf tribe….



13. Jan, 2017

Twin Flame Energy report..... All planets direct .....new beginnings for twin flames


Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward at this moment of your time, with significant insights to share with you, that we know will assist you deeply on your twin flame union trajectory. we come forth in this gateway whereby many of the planets in your Sky have now realigned with their forward motion,  and we bring forth a sacred reminder that this bodes as an extremely fortuitous omen for many illumined twin flames.

For many of you, mercury retrograde restimulated very old deep issues that you were convinced you had fully moved through, however, this round of retrograde activity was akin to a strong gust of wind encompassing some of your oldest darkest programs in order to activate a final dislodge from your energetic structure.


This has felt quite uncomfortable for many of you on the physical and emotional level, but please note this round of energetic clearing is poised to serve you all well beloved light workers, as it is presenting another opportunity to face your shadow self and aspects of your shadow’s belief system with fresh new eyes, equipped this time, with an upgraded toolbox that is enabling this monumental  clearing to be very succinct for many of you.

To those of you who are coming into physical union with your beloved twin flame, it is imperative that you focus on counting the blessings that the union is bringing you, as your ego mind will very often coerce you to focus on that which is not perfect about the union, but please note this is a proficient form of sabotage that the ego uses, to keep you in physical separation from your divine counterpart.


There is a huge force that is working behind-the-scenes at the moment that is bringing many illumined twin flames back together on the physical level and this is very obvious to see in the ascended twin flame groups that have been activated in the last few months. Many of you will be observing currently that the synchronicity and signs with other members in your group are currently off the scale and that is due to the high calibre of the souls who are attracted to these high vibrational twin flame groups. Spirit has bought many of you together in the last few months and this has initiated a process of you as individual strands being woven into a cohesive tapestry.


At first, the individual strands appeared somewhat disparate, however, due to the profound changes that have been taking place on a personal and collective level in the last few months it is now apparent that these previous strands are being woven very very tightly together. This is a very significant part of the divine plan beloveds as the cohesion of these groups is activating a firing up of the electromagnetic grid of Gaia, which is very successfully enabling the higher ascended frequencies to move freely throughout the electromagnetic Grid. This is extremely beneficial for the individual members of these groups personally as everyone's vibration is being exponentially affected by the higher self of the soul group, which in turn is highly beneficial for the collective, as the ascension frequencies are given a solid base whereby they can anchor onto the third-dimensional field.

Please know this is affecting the soul of the world in vastly significant ways and is allowing the programs and templates that are in alignment with the Christed codes of your higher self to ground and come into manifestation with far greater swiftness and efficiency.

The benefits of these upgraded networks of light are vast and beyond the scope of this channeled message to possibly explain….suffice to say, that those who have come home to these higher vibrational twin flame ascension groups are now activating extremely deep levels of protection from the spiritual hierarchy which is facilitating a cohesive alignment with regards to the group fully stabilising in 5D consciousness.

We would like to take a moment to discuss the evolution of the masculine counterparts in the illumined twin flame community. Please know that many of them they are in a Gateway currently whereby they can no longer deny the voice and essence of the feminine energy within them, and for many this is activating a feeling of uncomfortability in their inner beings, as for millennia many men have sought to control deny and repress this aspect of themselves but there was only so much time the Divine feminine energy within them would stay suppressed.


She is rising now beloveds, like never before, in all beings, and this time she has a profound momentum behind her , ensuring she will never be rejected again. For many masculine twin flame counterparts this is manifesting as a distinct feeling of anxiety in your solar plexus, but beloveds we wish to remind you that when anxiety presents itself to you, it is your unconsciousness vying for your well-deserved attention. Whenever this occurs we invite you to go for a walk out in nature or sit with your journal and write out for a stream of consciousness enabling that which is in your unconscious to be released and witnessed by you. Do not censor yourself, do not judge yourself, allow the voice of the five-year-old within you to be heard. This is an extremely important tool that we are sharing with you beloveds. Remember it is your responsibility to welcome all aspects of yourself home to the divinity within you, and this includes all of the parts that you have judged and sought to ignore, in fact, it is these parts which are most in need of being welcomed home by the self.


Remember that everything in this 3D realm comes down to choice. awakening is a choice, enlightenment is a choice and empowerment is a choice, so please choose to offer your hand to any lost aspect of yourself and bring them home to the burning hearth at the centre of your being.


Please know that everything we share is designed to fast track you home to the present moment…. to self-realisation, and we assure you that if you heed our guidance you most certainly will save your Soul a great deal of time from getting lost on Paths that are riddled with obstacles and diversions.


We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the next webinar transmission our beloved channel has been guided to facilitate on the 2/2/17, in the most wondrous gateway of Imbolc in the northern hemisphere….. in this transmission we are being guided to fully and completely remove the threat of cancer from humanity and bring into the 3rd dimensional matrix field through legislation, the correct medicine that mother nature has created to cure this disease. We are also being asked to fully remove the ageing program from humanity's consciousness software, as in truth we as sovereign beings have been granted by our creator self-free will to decide how and when we choose to exit the