Twin Flame Energy Report.....5 Planets Now Retrograde...New Moon in Taurus

6. May, 2016

Dearest beloveds,

We come through at this hour of your time to share with you some life-changing insights that will, if you allow them completely transform the course of your life. We have much to share with you today and are so honoured that we have this outlet whereby we can transmit these important higher dimensional messages to you dearest lightworkers, Blu-rays, twin flames. We would like to share an observation with you all, to do with the passing of the artist who was formerly known as Prince….. Prince’s passing is having a huge life-changing and monumental effect on the heart chakra of Gaia and her inhabitants, and is facilitating an opportunity whereby hitherto until now particular ascension doorways are now swinging open in many of your timelines, due to the establishment of Prince taking his rightful Place again back amongst the stars…... Prince is a high degree Avatar and as such is able to be there for all of you who call his name and play his music with the intention to connect with him. He is an omnipresent angelic, who is now willing and able to rush forward whenever he is called, to offer the love and support that you personally and individually require…... We encourage you to call upon him at anytime and he will come, for his frequency is such that his soul is contracted to work as a bodhisattva during these pivotal times of Earth's transforming frequency timeline…..

Prince’s passing could very much be likened to the passing of Princess Diana, both of these beings held important missions to be catalysts to Prize open humanities heart, and as with all God ordained missions success is guaranteed.This opening of the heart chakra of humanity and thus Gaia is having a huge and monumental effect on the timeline of many many twin