Twin flame energy report..Reasons why so many twins are coming together at the moment

Dear ones.

Greetings of the most high. We come forth in this moment with a message from us Brian and Sheeeela white wolf  twin flames on the 4d planes and beyond.

We wish to inform you that so much healing and awakened consciousness frequencies have been activated by you the many beloveds who have found their way to these sacred written transmissions, and it is from this empty silence, at the core of all being that we send forth our song to you, of remembrance and recognition.


We come forth to remind you that you, the ones receiving these words are  the highest ascended angelic beings in creation, The ones who have remembered the holy self……….remember all is holy.. thyself is the purist ocean of Infinite glory…….. it is the womb of all. Rememberence of this is the key.


Dearest one, we acknowledge the awakened one in you, you who sees with the eyes of pure love, with your third eye open. It is you whom we reach out to now through our sacred channel Matahariji.


The timeline jump that occurred on 24th May marks the end of the actual mayan calendar, and the energetic birth of the new earth consciousness. This has occurred beloveds thanks to you, thanks to your open, exquisite and fluid hearts, that are able to remember and eternally bathe in the knowing of the truth.


Dear ones, we reiterate... the collective timeline jump has been successfully and this is due to the quality of humanity in the 3-D who have awoken and are all stabilising in the full knowing of their multidimensional self. Please know that it is this timeline jump which is precipitating the coming together and divine recognition of many many twin flames in this most powerful energetic gateway Gaia has ever known.


You are all Christ. You are all the direct descendants of Mother Father God. The Daughter and the Son, the direct offspring of The one.

The father and the daughter are one. The father has passed onto the daughter the gifts of the father they are one. Beloveds remember this, your divine heritage is sealed in the holiest of holy places, and that is in your heart. You can only know yourself via the heart.


We would like to remind you at this conjecture that the divine masculine is very much on board with this timeline jump. it may seem as though they are caught up in complex 3-D situations but they are very much part of this recent frequency upgrade, For many this is manifesting as the vibrational counterparts of your twin flames karmic partners, now finally stepping in on the scene. here we are referring to the actual one true love of your beloveds Karmic partner manifesting very much in their 3d reality. This is a source driven fail safe mechanism which is now kicking in in order to assist in the further awakening of the slumbering masculine counterparts.


The heart never lies beloveds, and full liberation and union is the destiny for the 144000 illumined twin flame pairs who have voluntarily come back to the earth plane in response to the call that went out by mother father God that gaia was in need of these warriors to assist her to come back into vibrational equilibrium. Have faith dear ones in the spiritual caliber that you embody dearest high King and Queen and high priestess and priest, it is not random that you are reading these words.


Divine feminine know that you are ready. We come forth to deliver this message to you today. Your essence is that of a fine and rare bottle of wine, that has been maturing and perfecting in the Wine cellar now for some time maturing and refining away from all emotional and sexual distractions. Beloveds please know we come forth to remind you now to rest assured, that the wine is now ready to be enjoyed.


Divine feminine polarity we bow to your power, wisdom, courage and commitment to truth. You have demonstrated higher dimensional mastery and we come forth now to share the good news that you are ready to drink and be drunk by the divine masculine polarity.

Miraculous breakthroughs are abound, and finally after aeons old soul contracts are showing up for you that are acting as pristine mirror, showing you that there are no longer any leaks in the bucket of your being, that this bucket is now filled, and is perpetually at home in the present moment.


Step forward now God's beloved daughter and son. Now is the time to allow yourself to fully claim and own your value. The world is in need of your medicine, the world is begging you for your rememberence.. Remeberence of the self… the ONE SELF that is in ALL..remeber that you promised your brothers and sisters you would remember your heritage where your soul sprang forth from, and thus from where where all souls sprang forth from.

Dear medicine brothers and sisters, all of you  whom find their way to these sacred words. You are part of this Solstice white light transmission gathering……..

Thank you to everyone for being here…..The ones whom we speak with tonight are sons and daughters of the highest and most powerful creator of love. No words can proclaim your magnificence and the heritage from whence your soul sprang forth.  You are an offspring of the emptiness that is God.


The self is home now in this moment, in all moments. the self seeks not. the self remembers that it is her responsibility to demonstrate her awareness in an accurate and dynamic fashion because she remembers that awakening is an active process as well as a deep resting process.

There is no room for stagnancy In the upcoming gateway, and much is being heartedly cleared to make way for more aligned higher vibrational divine partnerships for the illumined twin flame collective.


This is aligning in the next wave of Blu ray twin flame unions, and as per usual these unions are being overseen very intricately with the protection of Archangel Michael, and Mother Mary.

Mother Mary is holding your hand at your core. These are primary Arch Angelic presences for the Blu-ray star family, also known as the 144 000 bird tribe, everyone is being supported in this shift particularly the divine masculines and the karmic partners.

Remember dear ones, your beloved is within you at all times. your beloved is eternally bowing to your feet… this is deep truth…...


Dear ones it is imperative that we invite as many of you as possible to come forward and sign up to be part of the extremely important solstice white light gateway transmission. Currently Gaia is being bombarded with gamma light rays and therefore it is necessary for the earth ground crew to come forward to harness and anchor this dispensation on their grid points.

All those who come forward to be part of this transmission will receive an extremely powerful upgrade within their high angelic chakra system. This is a crucial adjustment that needs to take place to ensure the successful grounding of the twin flame template which resonates on an extremely high frequency band, it is therefore imperative that the human body design, be attuned masterfully to receive the frequency of the twin flame template, and it is this which we will be specifically addressing in the transmission.


We are also been called to activate some very deep shadow Alchemy personally for all those who take part and also for the collective consciousness, and please do not underestimate the potency of this work in terms of exponentially affecting one's personal radiance and beauty quota. We will also be witnessing a handover of planetary control over from the dark forces to the great Council of light, the Elohim.


The time has come please beloveds. know that no one is turned away from this level of spiritual work and there is a bursary fund in place to support anyone who genuinely cannot forward the energy exchange to be part of this group,


Please know that also when you sign up to receive the transmission you also automatically receive membership to the potent twin flame Ascension group our beloved channel Matahariji facilitates on Facebook, where by many many beloveds in the group are now stabilising fully in 5D consciousness and very much en masse coming into physical union with their beloved twin flames.


Please see below for full details of solstice transmission and full insctructions to book your place on this live call


Details of the solstice Transmission


Dear ones,

We would like to inform you that our beloved channel has been guided to facilitate a webinar transmission on 20th June 2017 at 2:22 PM UK time. The time of the transmission has been ordained to open up the solstice gateway which will peek at 5.24 AM (GMT) on 21st June.


During this transmission we will be working on a personal and collective level with the illumined twin flame soul group. We will be working with the high angelic realm to initiate an upgrade via the use of light language codes that will activate a profound upgrade within the chakra system of all those who come forward for this activation. It is necessary that we activate this upgrade in order to support the planetary grid as it aligns with a new level of gamma ray infusion. This will then enable an activation of the Hieros Gamos which will be empowered for all those who come forward to be part of this powerful personal and planetary light work.


We are also being instructed to work specifically with the seven main chakra points on the Earth grid again with the presence of the high angelic planetary masters, to activate a thorough cleanse of these sacred sites in order to again support The earth grid as she receives an intense bombardment of gamma rays.


The solstice marks another Ascension gateway which is directly linked to the soon approaching 8.8.8. gateway. This gateway will witness another round of twin flame reunions and recognition.


It is imperative that the higher council of light have a ground crew on the Earth plane to assist in the harnessing of these upgraded light frequencies. There are other aspects to this transmission which will be revealed in due course but please know your presence is required on this call to hold the energetic space on your particular grid point.


Dear ones,the highest council of Angelic Light would like you to know that all those who come forward to participate in this transmission will be profoundly rewarded by their higher self and will experience a monumental upgrade in the vibrational frequency.


Please know beloveds that as soon as you sign up to be part of this powerful group, your higher self will begin the process of preparing your energetic field for the ensuing transformation, and as well as receiving the transmission, you will also gain membership to an extremely potent and life changing twin flame ascension soul group that our beloved channel facilitates, whereby you will receive recognition of the multidimensional avatar being that you are, and receive deep soul support in your ever expanding alignment into your original Christ Nature, and inevitable twin flame union on all planes of consciousness.


The cost to participate in this transmission is £22


please cut and paste the link below to sign up and receive full instructions to join the transmission or press buy now to pay and then you will be emailed full instructions to join.......









Dear Ones I have bought through a series of extremely powerful Mp3 activations that are encoded with vibrations that align you very very swiftly with 5th-dimensional consciousness. Many of the beloveds in the twin flame group I facilitate Are working regularly with the mp3s and are experiencing profound miracles in their twin flame unions... These mp3s are such a sacred gift that are available to all on the twin flame path, I am truly humbled to be the conduit of these activations.. please see below for feedback