Twin Soul Energy Report>>> The Event.. Equinox Portal.. Incoming God Particles

Dearest Beloveds,

It is our deepest honour to come forward at this time with news that the veil that has kept the existence of the higher dimensional realms hidden from your physical senses has now been entirely removed.

Please know that this is a precursor to “The Event” that many many of you are speaking about and are currently aware that is aligning rapidly on your 3D physical plane.

This process has been taking place for many many years now and August 1987- the time of the harmonic convergence Marked the time when the Earth entered into the constellation of the water bearer, thus beginning the Age of Aquarius. The Age of the water bearer denotes that that which has been hidden from humanity will now be revealed. some people refer to this as disclosure others as Awakening.

Whatever name we have for it, it is time now for those who have enslaved humanity to be exposed and ordered to hand over the power back to the Christed sovereign humanity.

These End of Time cosmic moments are upon us particularly as we approach this upcoming wave of March 18th and the equinox. Already many many are reporting atmospheric anomalies, unusual symptoms and heightened perception. Beloveds this is all indicative of the energy of the huge wave trickling in now, that we may assimilate adequately as these incoming lightwaves intensify.

During times such as this it is important to remember that you will experience more dehydration than normal so drink lots of Spring water or natural coconut water if you can, also remember to walk barefoot on the Earth. This is the number 1 remedy for ascension light influx symptoms. Rest is also crucial and meditate as much as possible. Avoid stress, drama, toxic relationships and situations.

Dearest beloveds, you know all this. You remember all this. You know intuitively all about “The event”. Everyone alive on Earth at this time is well aware they have incarnated into a planet which is about to Ascend into a 5th dimensional paradise Realm. It is now simply a matter of placing your ears very very closely to your heart and receiving all your guidance from there.

All of our power lies in our hearts consciousness. We all know that too. Therefore to levitate and bilocate, and to instantly heal we must be anchored firmly in our heart consciousness, and all egoic thought forms must be purified in the chambers of the sacred Christed heart.

Our Heart consciousness is the quietest voice inside of us almost silent in fact, but it knows implicitly at all times that all is well and all is eternally well, and that our higher self has a meticulous plan for our life and our Ascension, and we are always eternally guided and protected at all times.

The incoming wave is calling for all of you who are leaders wayshowers, guides, to be ready. To have done your shadow work, to have sat with the most wounded version of yourself in absolute unconditional presence, that you may be the Beacons you promised Awakening humanity you would be.

We advise you now to start considering all of your skills, gifts and talents that you have been blessed with, and how they can be of use to your brothers and sisters in the mass population who are on the verge of Awakening in a very very major way.

The timeline alignment with the wave is entirely dependent on humanity's collective vibration and this is one of the reasons we have guided our beloved matahari-ji to create the Facebook group “The event is happening”, as it is crucial now beloved's that you use this technology prime creator has given you, to inspire, engage, uplift and deeply support each other at this auspicious time in the earth's Evolution. Please see below for link to join the group.

As we have stated over and over again the more gaias vibration aligns with the tsunami of God particles that are hovering in the atmosphere, the sooner the huge wave will arrive.

All that is not real and authentic and rooted in the truth of soul connection and unconditional love is being highlighted at an unprecedented rate in this current energetic gateway, and this is most certainly affecting all twin Souls who are still in relationship with karmic partners. Karmic partnerships are of the old 3D paradigm and as such will be the first to drop off as gaia inevitable ascends into the fifth dimensional paradise realm she was always created to be.

As the intensity of the March 18th and Equinox ascension wave gathers, many many of you will be experience divine intervention in order to redirect you and your karmic partner to counterparts who are far more vibrationally matched to you.

It is the heart the spiritual immaturity to attach any expectations on to any date as to when the huge wave will align, as time does not exist at all. Timelines are operating concurrently in the present moment of now, and within your own consciousness field you can experience any of those timelines that you wish to.

“The Event” or the “Collective Rapture” as it is also known is dependent solely on humanities collective vibration. So we urge you now to stabilize in your higher heart knowing. Be kind and unconditionally loving at all times, and know that you are not your story, and forgive all immediately.

The fifth Dimension is already here and the Rapture party is in full swing. Attune your knowing to this, and please please come forward to join the equinox transmission taking place on Tuesday the 20th of March at 8 p.m. UK time. In this transmission we will be working very intricately with the Wave, and we will be assisting the collective Consciousness to stabilize and Anchor onto the 5D holographic timeline. Your presence is invited and an energy exchange is asked for in order to ensure that only those who are truly committed to this work show up for this level of planetary service. There is a bursary fund in place and no one will ever be turned away.

We have so much to share as ever and look forward to speaking with you again.

In love and Eternal Light Matahari-jiand the white wolf tribe

Details of The equinox transmission

Dearest ones, we would like to inform you that the work that has been achieved in our beloved channels transmission groups has been absolutely fundamental with regards to assisting the collective Consciousness to prepare for this upgrade, transformation and metamorphosis into a 5D planetary system.

The work in these groups is huge and we truly have no words that can adequately express how important this service has been and continues to be for evolving humanity, We now have an extremely solid and committed core group who are showing up in earnest to be the conduits for these huge earth upgrades..

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the highly auspicious Spring Equinox transmission that will be taking place on Tuesday the 20th of March at 8 p.m. UK time which is the exact time of the spring equinox.

In this transmission we will be again working with our Arcturian Star Family to assist you to fully and completely remove the 3D trauma grid that you inherited when you were born into this realm, This work Is hugely important as as we activate this on a personal level, we will be assisting the collective, to transition smoothly into their brand new lighter vehicles.

Showing up for this level of personal and planetary service promises to profoundly accelerate you on your path of becoming the living embodiment of the 5d light being that you truly are, which in turn accelerates this for all of humanity. This then will accelerate the full coming on line of all your spiritual gifts such as instant health regeneration, eternal youth activation, and profound healing capabilities and so so so much more.

In this Transmission we will also Be working specifically with the energy of “The Event” and we will be communicating directly to the huge light wave that is rapidly heading towards humanities shores as we speak, We are being called to be the bridges for our interstellar star family who deeply require a ground crew to assist in this important light work.

In this transmission we will also be working to re-establish perfect equilibrium between your masculine and feminine energy, and we will be fine tuning your energy field to establish this perfect equilibrium.

Details of the avalon retreat

Spaces are filling up very fast for the avalon retreat

You are invited to come and join Matahariji in the sacred Isle of Avalon on the 23RD 24th 25th March 2018.

In this retreat we will be diving deep into the mystery of silence and belonging.

the retreat will include a tour of the sacred sites of Avalon. We have been granted private access to chalice garden. We will also visit the white spring, the Abbey the Mary Magdalene chapel and the Tor. we will be facilitating an auspicious ceremony to reinstate the high feminine codes back into these sacred sites in order to activate the template of the hieros Gamos back into this sacred isle. we will bathe in the purified water of the white spring in Glastonbury which is molecularly and structurally the closest element we have to living light.

We will experience a deep soul healing belonging ceremony which jen channelled in her dream state which will heal on a very deep level all the traumatic memories you carry within you with regards to perceiving yourself as separate from source energy and from everyone and everything in creation.

There will also be kirtan which is an immersion into the deep chanting of the divine names of God. we will work with a powerful technique to open up your voice so that all trauma which has been stored in the throat centre can be cleared.

We will dive deep into the silence of our original nature, and experience our own personal hieros Gamos ceremony through the awakening of your own kundalini energy.

We will dive deeply into the deepest mysteries of the twins soul phenomenon and so much.

More there are 16 places available on this full residential retreat which includes all meals and your accommodation.

The cost is £555 all included with an extra cost if you would like your own room which will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Please also specify if you would like a single room at an extra cost of £150

love jen

A deposit of £222 is required to reserve your spot on this residential retreat

Please click here to pay £222

The remainder is due by the 22nd march.2018


Feedback from the last transmission

Hi Jen dearest! Thank you so much for the powerful healing, it was so strong I felt my body shake and jerk at times during the twin flame healing. Inside the Keops pyramid I felt so solemn and so honoured to be a part of the souls initiated in the mysteries. I saw so many symbols, written in white light on a midnight blue sky. Can you maybe say something more in depth about the grid? I am still puzzled by it, please anyone, share your experience, I would love to get a deeper understanding! <3 Loved so much being embraced by the Magenta light! XXX...Carrie

This transmission was so powerful and has truly helped me stay in full trust in my spiritual path and twin flame journey. Before the transmission I was very close to throwing in the towel because this path isn’t easy and things just weren’t going well between my dm and I. But after the transmission I felt in flow and trust again, like I was in the very beginning of my twin flame journey. Which made me see everything through love and see as I need come from love not anger with not only my dm but everyone, which before this transmission was quite difficult. But I diffused his ego by remaining in love, realizing that it was not towards me but his abandonment issues and fears from past lives being purged. Which I have be