Twin Soul ascension report ....Solstice is the game changer.....Huge transformations for 144000 divi

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now, in this sacred moment of your time, with exciting news to share with you from Beyond the rapidly diminishing Veil.

Extremely powerful energies are building up now for the solstice gateway, and please know that this solstice will bear witness to yet another vibrational upgrade for all of you personally and also for the Collective. Indeed the Solstice portal point is acting as a culmination point enabling many many low vibrational timelines and cycles to complete around this time.

Many of you will be tested in this upcoming cycle with regards to trusting your intuition…..if you willingly disregard your intuition then please know that in some cases your intuition will have to become much muc