Twin Soul Ascension report: AA Michael Divine intervention for Awakening masculines


Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now, in this moment of your time with great news to share with you, our most beloved awakened Starseed ascending humanity.

The energies are exponentially Intensifying as we rapidly gallop towards the 8:8 Lionsgate. This timeframe is extremely potent energetically as this is when the Earth aligns with the star system of Sirius and all human beings come into the energetic field of receiving profound lights code upgrades from the sirious star system and from our Syrian brothers and sisters.


We are all being prepared for this alignment and for many of us these recent solar and lunar eclipses have been instrumental in clearing many of the old lower frequency timelines from our etheric and auric field.


Many awakened star seeds are reporting huge and monumental shifts that are in the process of taking place due to the potency and intensity of the recent eclipses.


A message now for the divine masculines who are on the Ascension path. Many of you are aligning now with soul contracts that are ensuring the collapsing of stubborn and persistant lower frequency timelines that are no longer serving your highest evolving Kristic nature.


For many of you, you will be experiencing a profound clarity around all of the habits and patterns in your life that you have been somewhat attached to and addicted to in the false belief that you were bound to some obligation or duty from on high. 


Many of you are awakening in this gateway to the remembrance that mother father God speaks to us through Our intuition and our hearts, and in the remembrance that it is crucially important that everybody takes heed of the bombardment of aligned messages that your higher self is sending fourth at this time.


It is crucial that you listen attentively to the knowing and the wisdom of your heart consciousness which knows the fastest and quickest route to your most profoundest spiritual destiny.


A message now for many of you who have been on a path that has required you to go into isolation on some level. Please know that exceptional levels of expansion and awareness are now accessible to you due to your bravery at naming and clearing many of the lower frequency patterns of addiction and codependency that kept you out of alignment with your deepest soul destiny, and this time period that has kept many of you solitary is now coming to a completion and this is because you have done the work and we in the higher realms are in absolute awe of all of you, and your profound ability to awaken out of the 3-D holographic illusion.


There are an unprecedented number of divine partnerships coming into alignment in this energetic gateway and many divine masculines are stepping forward now to make contact with their true Divine feminine counterparts. This is so wondrous to behold and indicative of humanities collective vibration which has now reached a level to be able to hold space for these extremely high level spiritual partnerships.


Energies are now building towards What the Mayans referred to as “The day out of time”, In the Mayan calendar the day out of time represents the 0. and the potential for all possibilities this is why it is so important and highly auspicious that we come together on this Potent energetic day to send forth and activate intentions that are in alignment with mother father gods greatest plan for Humanity, therefore please know that this is another huge opportunity for us to  come together in our Ascension groups to release many thought forms, beliefs and timelines that are no longer serving us or collective ascending humanity.

We are being called to come together in our Ascension groups on this day to assist our galactic brothers and sisters in the final push to clear all residues of lower frequencies that have kept this realm entrapped in extremely distorted and confused 4d energies.


We are being called to come together on this day to assist our galactic brothers and sisters in this personal and planetary  2liberation transmission. Please know that this is extremely high level spiritual work to be called to, and all those who come forward to take part in this galactic ceremony will receive a highly auspicious blessing on a personal level with regards to the clearing of many distorted timelines that have kept them entrenched in the lower-frequency states of consciousness.


Please see below for full details on how to book onto this transmission.


The powererful and game changing energies of Archangel Michael are pouring in now, specifically working with the 144,000 Starseed divine masculines who are on the verge of a monumental spiritual awakening personally and collectively. 


We advise you, in this energetic climate to connect with Michaels blue flame that burns in the core of your crystalline heart, ever reminding you of your inherent power, innocence and divinity. We encourage you to invoke AA Michael in these energies and know that Michael is stepping forward now in a way that we have never experienced before on the earthly realm particularly in terms of deeply supporting many of the 144000 star seed divine masculines to fully stabilise and awaken out of the 3-D illusion nightmare.


Wherever Michael is you will also find his divine counterpart lady Nada, and please know that this high-level twin soul partnership is fulfilling the next part of the divine plan, as it has been decreed by the higher realms that divine intervention would be able to take place once humanities collective consciousness had reached a particular stabilised high-level.


We from the higher realms wish to inform you that this level has been reached, which means now that the powerful and potent energies of Archangel Michael and his divine counterpart are now able to step forward in a way that we have never experienced before.


For many of us this is manifesting as us having persistent flashes of cobalt blue light in our periphery vision, as well as many divine masculines now finding the courage to follow the knowing of their heart and disregard the distorted programming of the 3d illusion.


Please know it is our greatest pleasure to gather with you for the “day out of time” transmission. This is such an important galactic day that shall be overseen by all of our galactic elders. Please be open to signs and synchronicities that align you with the remembrance that your higher self has made a soul contract to be part of this extremely important galactic earth ceremony.


In love and eternal light Jenji and the white wolf tribe





Day out of time: Planetary liberation transmission.


Brothers and sisters we are being called to come together on the 25th of July 2019 at 8.08pm uk time To mark the date that the Mayans referred to as the day out of time.


This is an extremely powerful and important day for us to come together in our Ascension groups to work with the Cosmic energies on this powerful portal date


Our galactic Star Family have expressed their need for a stabilized ground crew to assist in the final planetary and personal liberation agenda.


It is very important that we stand tall as Awakened humanity anchored in our role as empowered galactic citizens.


We are being called to come together on this day to assist our galactic brothers and sisters who are working with the oversoul of  humanities Christed higher self, to assist in the final clearing of a layer of density that is now ready to be expelled from our planetary sphere for eternity.


Please know that everybody who comes forward to take part in this transmission will receive an extremely powerful and auspicious blessing from your own higher self, as we will also be working on a personal level with the momentum of the large global group consciousness to assist you personally to remove the last residues of egoic attachment and identification that are keeping your consciousness entrapped in the third dimensional matrix hell realm.


Please know that we very much look forward to coming together with all of you and this powerful sacred work is offered on an energetic exchange basis.







here is the link to book if you are reading this on a mobile device


The Sisterhood of the rainbow rose


You are invited to come to the sacred Isle Of Avalon for a two-day non-residential sacred divine feminine initiation for those of you who hear the call please know that you have spent many lifetimes as an Avalon priestess.    

during this 2-day initiation ceremony we will Witness and hold space for each individual sister to fully activate this Powerful divine feminine code within her sacred consciousness we will work with the sacred sites of avalon particularly the Mary Magdalene chapel and Glastonbury Abbey


there are 13 places available for this non-residential to day initiation ceremony and the cost is £222 for all those who are attending please ensure that you book accommodation for the 2 day stay in Avalon


the workshop will take place in the goddess house in Glastonbury opposite the Glastonbury Abbey and seconds away from the Magdalen Chapel


during this powerful initiation we will go very deep into the mysteries of Silence and uncovering memories that are stored in our collective akashic records pertaining to the role of the fairy king and queen in relation to the inner Earth Chambers and gates being opened to allow for all of the 144000 sacred unions 2 actualize onto this physical earthly plane