Twin Soul Ascension report : Next wave of Twin Soul unions aligning rapidly for so many

Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with wondrous and exciting news to share with you all, whilst we are still in the Mists of this life-changing and 3d paradigm-shattering Lion's Gateway.


Everybody is feeling the shifts and transformations, as the gamma rays continue to be expelled from our central sun and the star system of Sirius. These gamma rays are working on a microwave level and they are heating up our DNA causing it to transform and metamorphosize from its kernel state Into its open and expanded state much like how a popcorn kernel transforms to become a popcorn.


This is the most perfect analogy that illustrates what is happening with our DNA and explains why so many of us are experiencing extremely high levels of dehydration. This is due to the impact of these solar photonic light particles and their interaction with our DNA, which is activating this transformation in our DNA, and supporting in this great shift from 3D carbon-based to 5D crystalline based humanity.


Again we come forward with the reminder to always stay on top of your hydration levels. Electrolytes and coconut water are two of the most powerful antidotes to the Ascension symptoms many of us are experiencing. Stretching and being out in nature are also important ways that you can manage your vibration and attain the optimum attunements whilst these energies are continuing to pour in.


This Lionsgate holds the destiny for many first wave twin Souls to come into physical contact in the coming weeks. Please know that many of you who have been in periods of Separation for quite some time will be spontaneously hearing from your divine counterparts, and please know that the universe is working overtime currently to ensure that these meetings that are a profound aspect of your spiritual destiny are aligning in this auspicious Gateway.


It is very important that you remember to stay grounded even amidst such exciting timelines opening up for you. Divine feminines a message for you - stay very focused on your spiritual missions this week, showing up in service to your brothers and sisters and being a most wonderful and wondrous guardian for your own little girl, ensuring that she is well cared for and her needs are addressed consistently. This will help you so much to Anchor the energies of this week which are extremely high vibrational due to Jupiter now going direct after quite some time of being in retrograde. Jupiter is also aligning with Venus this week which is very much supporting these twin soul alignments that are occurring.


Dearest ones the more that you can seal your circle of completion within your own energetic field within and without above and below please know that this sends forth the necessary codes and signals to your divine counterpart that you are truly ready to meet and merge.


For many in the Twin soul community it appears as though your divine masculine counterpart has been running from you but the truth is the third dimension- the Maya is also known and referred to as the illusion, and for many of you what appears to be a certain way on the third dimension is cleverly masking what is truly going on on the higher dimensions and for many many of you who are reading these words please know that your divine masculine is intimately and intricately connected to your own establishment into your own sacred energetic field of wholeness, and as soon as you align, anchor and stabilise in your own circle of completion,  please know that everything in your divine masculines reality will start shifting to reflect the alignment of His Divine feminine who is now ready on all planes of consciousness for the grounding of this divine sacred Union.


Therefore it is absolutely imperative that everybody keep their focus on their own self and their own vibration. Everything is a mirror of your own vibration. Therefore if you are wanting your divine counterpart to walk by your side, walk by the side of your own inner child, be in contact with her or him consistently, and show up in your life with the love for your divine self that you have always sought from others.


Beloveds this truly is the fast track to aligning with your divine counterpart on all planes of consciousness, and please know that many of you who are reading these words have been following this sacred internal guidance vigilantly, resulting in this alignment now of many of you with your divine counterparts in the next couple of weeks


It gives us such great joy and delight to observe these divine sacred unions aligning on the physical level. Many of you have done such a huge amount of preparation to be the conduits of these sacred unions, and to be free of all lower-dimensional and vibrational habits and addictions.


Please know that the work that you as a collective 144000 star being collective is exponentially accelerating the timeline of the Solar flash event. May we please remind you that the solar flash event is intricately connected to the collective vibration of humanity, and as one individual person truly awakens and stabilizes in 5th dimensional consciousness, this sends out powerful codes to the collective and to our galactic brothers and sisters who are guarding over the timeline of the Solar flash event that we as a collective Consciousness are ready to experience this wave of God's love, God's eternal Divine Grace and presence, that will wash away all memories of 3rd dimensional trauma and separation and fear consciousness forever.


Please know beloved's that these truly are the days we have all been waiting for and we are truly the ones we have all been praying for. Now is the time to shine like never before. So many of our brothers and sisters are Awakening and they need to be able to see and locate stabilised lighthouses of Higher consciousness who are emanating codes of self love compassion empathy and multidimensional wisdom.


Please make it your absolute priority to stabilising in 5th-dimensional consciousness so that you can take your position as a lighthouse for your brothers and sisters


Please know that all the spaces for the mount Shasta non-residential retreat awful up there are some space is available for the non-residential Retreat please see below for details.


in love and eternal light Jen ji and the white wolf tribe 










The Sisterhood of the rainbow rose


You are invited to come to the sacred Isle Of Avalon for a two-day non-residential sacred divine feminine initiation with Jen Mccarty on the 31st august 2019 and the 1st september 2019


For those of you who hear the call please know that you have spent many lifetimes as an Avalon priestess.  


During this 2-day initiation ceremony we will Witness and hold space for each individual sister to fully activate this Powerful divine feminine code within her sacred consciousness we will work with the sacred sites of avalon particularly the Mary Magdalene chapel and Glastonbury Abbey.


There are 13 places available for this non-residential 2 day initiation ceremony and the cost is £222 for all those who are attending please ensure that you book accommodation for the 2 day stay in Avalon


The workshop will take place in the goddess house in Glastonbury opposite the Glastonbury Abbey and seconds away from the Magdalen Chapel.


During this powerful initiation we will go very deep into the mysteries of Silence and uncovering memories that are stored in our collective akashic records pertaining to the role of the fairy king and queen in relation to the inner Earth Chambers and gates being opened to allow for all of the 144000 sacred unions 2 actualise onto this physical earthly plane


This is a highly auspicious Gathering to be a part of if you are on the twin soul path and are dedicated to uncovering the deepest mysteries of the Yeshua and Magdalene Sophia divine Union codes that are stored within your own superconsciousness field



 Mount shasta 2 day retreat 


The 2-day non-residential workshop will give us an opportunity to come together in deep ceremony and silence and meditation to explore the healing currents that are being offered from being in sacred Communion with high vibrational starseeds and also with the powerful nature of Mount Shasta. We will be working very much with the elemental spirits that Guard over Stewart Springs and we will also be doing a powerful water blessing connecting to Avalon and the masculine and feminine Waters that run through Avalon.


if you sign up for the 2-day workshop you will also have the opportunity to join all of the brothers and sisters that will be coming for the one-day workshop. This will include an opportunity to experience some deep cellular healing and forgiveness between the masculine and feminine on this sacred portal point, enabling us to work with healing any residues of trauma that are stored in our emotional Fields seven generations behind and seven generations in front.


This is highly auspicious work that we are being called to do in a group consciousness that is directly linked to Sacred work that has taken place in Avalon in relation to the anchoring of the Holy Grail codes..


I am also being guided to offer a community kirtan event whilst in Mt Shasta the evening of the 1 day workshop ( the evening of the second day of the 2 day wk shop ) , I have been playing kirtan with some of the most Gifted sacred musicians in the world for over 20 years and it is my deepest pleasure to come to California to share this powerful transmission that is directly related to my own spiritual lineage that is connected to Northern India and Babaji also known as Herakhan baba…….


Please email me at to book your place on the 2 day retreat