yoni nidra mp3

Many many people in our modern world who are sensitives have unconsciously taken on the deep traumatic trauma of the Relentless amount of sexual abuse that takes place on our planet the only need has been brought forth in order to assist you to to reclaim your sacred sexuality and clear out many of the deep ancestral and karmic patterns of shame which for many of us we inherited from our parents and grandparents the only need right MP3 will completely upgrade your entire genital area and will entirely upgrade your relationship with your own sexuality many brothers and sisters that have done this mp3 have come immediately into alignment with the Divine partner as many of these divine unions are dependent on us having cleared before matic memories that are stored in our genitalia many many people have reported extremely enhanced orgasmic potential through working with this mp3 there are so many gifts that come from working with this level of healing and transformation and this mp3 is highly recommended to everyone on the spiritual Ascension path